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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmArchiveWrite_h
#define cmArchiveWrite_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <cstddef>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#if defined(CMAKE_BOOTSTRAP)
# error "cmArchiveWrite not allowed during bootstrap build!"
template <typename T>
class cmArchiveWriteOptional
cmArchiveWriteOptional() { this->Clear(); }
explicit cmArchiveWriteOptional(T val) { this->Set(val); }
void Set(T val)
this->IsValueSet = true;
this->Value = val;
void Clear() { this->IsValueSet = false; }
bool IsSet() const { return this->IsValueSet; }
T Get() const { return Value; }
T Value;
bool IsValueSet;
/** \class cmArchiveWrite
* \brief Wrapper around libarchive for writing.
class cmArchiveWrite
/** Compression type. */
enum Compress
/** Construct with output stream to which to write archive. */
cmArchiveWrite(std::ostream& os, Compress c = CompressNone,
std::string const& format = "paxr");
cmArchiveWrite(const cmArchiveWrite&) = delete;
cmArchiveWrite& operator=(const cmArchiveWrite&) = delete;
* Add a path (file or directory) to the archive. Directories are
* added recursively. The "path" must be readable on disk, either
* full path or relative to current working directory. The "skip"
* value indicates how many leading bytes from the input path to
* skip. The remaining part of the input path is appended to the
* "prefix" value to construct the final name in the archive.
bool Add(std::string path, size_t skip = 0, const char* prefix = nullptr,
bool recursive = true);
/** Returns true if there has been no error. */
explicit operator bool() const { return this->Okay(); }
/** Returns true if there has been an error. */
bool operator!() const { return !this->Okay(); }
/** Return the error string; empty if none. */
std::string GetError() const { return this->Error; }
// TODO: More general callback instead of hard-coding calls to
// std::cout.
void SetVerbose(bool v) { this->Verbose = v; }
void SetMTime(std::string const& t) { this->MTime = t; }
//! Sets the permissions of the added files/folders
void SetPermissions(int permissions_)
//! Clears permissions - default is used instead
void ClearPermissions() { this->Permissions.Clear(); }
//! Sets the permissions mask of files/folders
//! The permissions will be copied from the existing file
//! or folder. The mask will then be applied to unset
//! some of them
void SetPermissionsMask(int permissionsMask_)
//! Clears permissions mask - default is used instead
void ClearPermissionsMask() { this->PermissionsMask.Clear(); }
//! Sets UID and GID to be used in the tar file
void SetUIDAndGID(int uid_, int gid_)
//! Clears UID and GID to be used in the tar file - default is used instead
void ClearUIDAndGID()
//! Sets UNAME and GNAME to be used in the tar file
void SetUNAMEAndGNAME(const std::string& uname_, const std::string& gname_)
this->Uname = uname_;
this->Gname = gname_;
//! Clears UNAME and GNAME to be used in the tar file
//! default is used instead
void ClearUNAMEAndGNAME()
this->Uname = "";
this->Gname = "";
bool Okay() const { return this->Error.empty(); }
bool AddPath(const char* path, size_t skip, const char* prefix,
bool recursive = true);
bool AddFile(const char* file, size_t skip, const char* prefix);
bool AddData(const char* file, size_t size);
struct Callback;
friend struct Callback;
class Entry;
std::ostream& Stream;
struct archive* Archive;
struct archive* Disk;
bool Verbose;
std::string Format;
std::string Error;
std::string MTime;
//! UID of the user in the tar file
cmArchiveWriteOptional<int> Uid;
//! GUID of the user in the tar file
cmArchiveWriteOptional<int> Gid;
//! UNAME/GNAME of the user (does not override UID/GID)
std::string Uname;
std::string Gname;
//! Permissions on files/folders
cmArchiveWriteOptional<int> Permissions;
cmArchiveWriteOptional<int> PermissionsMask;