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Controls the default behavior of the :command:`find_package` command for
whether or not to search paths provided by the :ref:`User Package Registry`.
By default this variable is not set and the behavior will fall back
to that determined by the deprecated
:variable:`CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NO_PACKAGE_REGISTRY` variable. If that is
also not set, then :command:`find_package` will use the
:ref:`User Package Registry` unless the ``NO_CMAKE_PACKAGE_REGISTRY`` option
is provided.
This variable takes precedence over
:variable:`CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NO_PACKAGE_REGISTRY` when both are set.
In some cases, for example to locate only system wide installations, it
is not desirable to use the :ref:`User Package Registry` when searching
for packages. If the :variable:`CMAKE_FIND_USE_PACKAGE_REGISTRY`
variable is ``FALSE``, all the :command:`find_package` commands will skip
the :ref:`User Package Registry` as if they were called with the
See also :ref:`Disabling the Package Registry` and the
and :variable:`CMAKE_FIND_USE_PACKAGE_ROOT_PATH` variables.