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The default order for sorting packages found using :command:`find_package`.
It can assume one of the following values:
Default. No attempt is done to sort packages.
The first valid package found will be selected.
Sort packages lexicographically before selecting one.
Sort packages using natural order (see ``strverscmp(3)`` manual),
i.e. such that contiguous digits are compared as whole numbers.
Natural sorting can be employed to return the highest version when multiple
versions of the same library are found by :command:`find_package`. For
example suppose that the following libraries have been found:
* libX-1.1.0
* libX-1.2.9
* libX-1.2.10
By setting ``NATURAL`` order we can select the one with the highest
version number ``libX-1.2.10``.
.. code-block:: cmake
find_package(libX CONFIG)
The sort direction can be controlled using the
(by default decrescent, e.g. lib-B will be tested before lib-A).