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cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
project (Tutorial)
# The version number.
set (Tutorial_VERSION_MAJOR 1)
set (Tutorial_VERSION_MINOR 0)
# does this system provide the log and exp functions?
include (${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules/CheckFunctionExists.cmake)
check_function_exists (log HAVE_LOG)
check_function_exists (exp HAVE_EXP)
# should we use our own math functions
option(USE_MYMATH "Use tutorial provided math implementation" ON)
# configure a header file to pass some of the CMake settings
# to the source code
configure_file (
# add the binary tree to the search path for include files
# so that we will find TutorialConfig.h
include_directories ("${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}")
# add the MathFunctions library?
include_directories ("${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/MathFunctions")
add_subdirectory (MathFunctions)
set (EXTRA_LIBS ${EXTRA_LIBS} MathFunctions)
endif ()
# add the executable
add_executable (Tutorial tutorial.cxx)
target_link_libraries (Tutorial ${EXTRA_LIBS})
# add the install targets
install (TARGETS Tutorial DESTINATION bin)
install (FILES "${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/TutorialConfig.h"
# enable testing
enable_testing ()
# does the application run
add_test (TutorialRuns Tutorial 25)
# does the usage message work?
add_test (TutorialUsage Tutorial)
set_tests_properties (TutorialUsage
#define a macro to simplify adding tests
macro (do_test arg result)
add_test (TutorialComp${arg} Tutorial ${arg})
set_tests_properties (TutorialComp${arg}
endmacro ()
# do a bunch of result based tests
do_test (25 "25 is 5")
do_test (-25 "-25 is 0")
do_test (0.0001 "0.0001 is 0.01")