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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
# file Copyright.txt or for details.
die() {
echo 'pre-commit hook failure' 1>&2
echo '-----------------------' 1>&2
echo '' 1>&2
echo "$@" 1>&2
exit 1
bad=$(regex=".{$line_too_long}" &&
git diff-index --cached HEAD --name-only --diff-filter=AM \
--pickaxe-regex -S"$regex" -- 'Source/*.h' 'Source/*.cxx' |
while read file; do
lines_too_long=$(git diff-index -p --cached HEAD \
--pickaxe-regex -S"$regex" -- "$file")
if echo "$lines_too_long" | egrep -q '^\+'"$regex"; then
echo "$lines_too_long"
test -z "$bad" ||
die 'The following changes add lines too long for our C++ style:
Use lines strictly less than '"$line_too_long"' characters in C++ code.'
# Check that development setup is up-to-date.
lastSetupForDevelopment=$(git config --get hooks.SetupForDevelopment || echo 0)
eval $(grep '^SetupForDevelopment_VERSION=' "${BASH_SOURCE%/*}/../")
test -n "$SetupForDevelopment_VERSION" || SetupForDevelopment_VERSION=0
if test $lastSetupForDevelopment -lt $SetupForDevelopment_VERSION; then
die 'Developer setup in this work tree is out of date. Please re-run
if test -z "$HOOKS_ALLOW_KWSYS"; then
# Disallow changes to KWSys
files=$(git diff-index --name-only --cached HEAD -- Source/kwsys) &&
if test -n "$files"; then
die 'Changes to KWSys files
'"$(echo "$files" | sed 's/^/ /')"'
should not be made directly in CMake. KWSys is kept in its own Git
repository and shared by several projects. Please visit
to contribute changes directly to KWSys. Run
git reset HEAD -- Source/kwsys
to unstage these changes. Alternatively, set environment variable
to disable this check and commit the changes locally.'