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# this file simulates a program that has been built with ThreadSanitizer
# options
string(REGEX REPLACE ".*log_path=\'([^\']*)\'.*" "\\1" LOG_FILE "$ENV{TSAN_OPTIONS}")
"data race"
"data race on vptr (ctor/dtor vs virtual call)"
"thread leak"
"destroy of a locked mutex"
"double lock of a mutex"
"unlock of an unlocked mutex (or by a wrong thread)"
"read lock of a write locked mutex"
"read unlock of a write locked mutex"
"signal-unsafe call inside of a signal"
"signal handler spoils errno"
"lock-order-inversion (potential deadlock)"
# clear the log file
file(REMOVE "${LOG_FILE}.2343")
# create an error of each type of thread santizer
# these names come from in llvm
foreach(error_type ${error_types} )
file(APPEND "${LOG_FILE}.2343"
WARNING: ThreadSanitizer: ${error_type} (pid=27978)
Write of size 4 at 0x7fe017ce906c by thread T1:
#0 Thread1 ??:0 (exe+0x000000000bb0)
#1 <null> <null>:0 (
Previous write of size 4 at 0x7fe017ce906c by main thread:
#0 main ??:0 (exe+0x000000000c3c)
Thread T1 (tid=27979, running) created by main thread at:
#0 <null> <null>:0 (
#1 main ??:0 (exe+0x000000000c2c)
SUMMARY: ThreadSanitizer: ${error_type} ??:0 Thread1