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CMake 3.15 Release Notes
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Changes made since CMake 3.14 include the following.
New Features
* The :generator:`Xcode` generator now supports per-target schemes.
See the :variable:`CMAKE_XCODE_GENERATE_SCHEME` variable and
:prop_tgt:`XCODE_GENERATE_SCHEME` target property.
* The :generator:`Green Hills MULTI` generator has been updated:
* It now supports the :command:`add_custom_command` and
:command:`add_custom_target` commands.
* It is now available on Linux.
* Preliminary support for the ``Swift`` language was added to the
:generator:`Ninja` generator:
* Use the :envvar:`SWIFTC` environment variable to specify a compiler.
* The :prop_tgt:`Swift_DEPENDENCIES_FILE` target property and
:prop_sf:`Swift_DEPENDENCIES_FILE` source file property were added
to customize dependency files.
* The :prop_tgt:`Swift_MODULE_NAME` target property was added to
customize the Swift module name.
* The :prop_sf:`Swift_DIAGNOSTICS_FILE` source property was added to
indicate where to write the serialised Swift diagnostics.
The Swift support is experimental, not considered stable, and may change
in future releases of CMake.
* The ``Clang`` compiler variant on Windows that targets the MSVC ABI
but has a GNU-like command line is now supported.
* Support for the Clang-based ARM compiler was added with compiler id
* Support was added for the IAR compiler architectures Renesas RX,
RL78, RH850 and Texas Instruments MSP430.
* Support was added for the IAR compilers built for Linux (IAR BuildLx).
* The :envvar:`CMAKE_GENERATOR` environment variable was added
to specify a default generator to use when :manual:`cmake(1)` is
run without a ``-G`` option. Additionally, environment variables
and :envvar:`CMAKE_GENERATOR_INSTANCE` were created to configure
the generator.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``--build`` tool ``--target`` parameter gained support
for multiple targets, e.g. ``cmake --build . --target Library1 Library2``.
It now also has a short form ``-t`` alias, e.g.
``cmake --build . -t Library1 Library2``.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` command gained a new ``--install`` option.
This may be used after building a project to run installation without
using the generated build system or the native build tool.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` command learned a new CLI option ``--loglevel``.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``-E remove_directory`` command-line tool learned
to support removing multiple directories.
* The :manual:`cmake(1)` ``-E tar`` tool has been improved:
* It now continues adding files to an archive even if some of the files
are not readable. This behavior is more consistent with the
classic ``tar`` tool.
* It now parses all flags, and if an invalid flag was provided, a
warning is issued.
* It now displays an error if no action flag was specified, along with a
list of possible actions: ``t`` (list), ``c`` (create) or ``x`` (extract).
* It now supports extracting (``-x``) or listing (``-t``) only specific
files or directories.
* It now supports Zstandard compression with a ``--zstd`` option.
Zstandard was designed to give a compression ratio comparable to that
of the DEFLATE (zip) algorithm, but faster, especially for decompression.
* The :command:`add_custom_command` and :command:`add_custom_target` commands
gained a new ``JOB_POOL`` option that works with the :generator:`Ninja`
generator to set the pool variable on the build statement.
* The :command:`add_library` command ``ALIAS`` option learned to support
import libraries of the ``UNKNOWN`` type.
* The :command:`cmake_parse_arguments` command gained an additional
``<prefix>_KEYWORDS_MISSING_VALUES`` output variable to report
keyword arguments that were given by the caller with no values.
* The :command:`execute_process` command gained a ``COMMAND_ECHO`` option
and supporting :variable:`CMAKE_EXECUTE_PROCESS_COMMAND_ECHO` variable
to enable echoing of the command-line string before execution.
* The :command:`file(INSTALL)` command learned a new argument,
``FOLLOW_SYMLINK_CHAIN``, which can be used to recursively resolve and
install symlinks.
* :command:`list` learned new sub-commands:
``PREPEND``, ``POP_FRONT`` and ``POP_BACK``.
* The :command:`message` command learned new types:
``NOTICE``, ``VERBOSE``, ``DEBUG`` and ``TRACE``.
* The :command:`string` learned a new sub-command ``REPEAT``.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR` variable and corresponding
:prop_tgt:`CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR` target property learned to support
arguments to the emulator.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_PREFER_CONFIG` variable was added to tell
:command:`find_package` calls to look for a package configuration
file first even if a find module is available.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_FRAMEWORK` variable was added to initialize the
:prop_tgt:`FRAMEWORK` property on all targets.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_VS_JUST_MY_CODE_DEBUGGING` variable and
:prop_tgt:`VS_JUST_MY_CODE_DEBUGGING` target property were added to
enable the Just My Code feature of the Visual Studio Debugger when
compiling with MSVC cl 19.05 and higher.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY` variable and
:prop_tgt:`MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY` target property were introduced to
select the runtime library used by compilers targeting the MSVC ABI.
See policy :policy:`CMP0091`.
* The :variable:`CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE` and
:variable:`CMAKE_PROJECT_INCLUDE_BEFORE` variables were added to allow
injection of custom code at the sites of :command:`project` calls
without knowing the project name a priori.
* The :prop_tgt:`ADDITIONAL_CLEAN_FILES` target property and
:prop_dir:`ADDITIONAL_CLEAN_FILES` directory property were added.
They allow to register additional files that should be removed during
the clean stage.
* The :prop_tgt:`PUBLIC_HEADER` and :prop_tgt:`PRIVATE_HEADER` properties
may now be set on :ref:`Interface Libraries`. The headers specified by those
properties can be installed using the :command:`install(TARGETS)` command by
passing the ``PUBLIC_HEADER`` and ``PRIVATE_HEADER`` arguments respectively.
* The :prop_tgt:`VS_PACKAGE_REFERENCES` target property was added to
tell :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` to add references to ``nuget``
* The :prop_tgt:`VS_PROJECT_IMPORT` target property was added to allow
managed Visual Studio project files to import external ``.props`` files.
* The :prop_tgt:`VS_NO_SOLUTION_DEPLOY` target property was added to
tell :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` whether to deploy an artifact
to the WinCE or Windows Phone target device.
* The :module:`FindBoost` module was reworked to expose a more consistent
user experience between its "Config" and "Module" modes and with other
find modules in general.
* A new imported target ``Boost::headers`` is now defined (same
as ``Boost::boost``).
* New output variables ``Boost_VERSION_MACRO``,
``Boost_VERSION_PATCH``, and ``Boost_VERSION_COUNT``
were added.
* The ``QUIET`` argument passed to :command:`find_package` is no
longer ignored in config mode. Note that the CMake package shipped with
Boost ``1.70.0`` ignores the ``QUIET`` argument passed to
:command:`find_package`. This is fixed in the next Boost release.
* The input switch ``Boost_DETAILED_FAILURE_MSG`` was removed.
* ``Boost_VERSION`` now reports the version in ``x.y.z``
format in module mode. See policy :policy:`CMP0093`.
* The :module:`FindCups` module now provides imported targets.
* The :module:`FindEnvModules` module was added to use Lua- and TCL-based
environment modules in :ref:`CTest Scripts <CTest Script>`.
* The :module:`FindGLEW` module now provides an interface more consistent
with what upstream GLEW provides in its own CMake package files.
* The :module:`FindPkgConfig` now populates :prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_LINK_OPTIONS`
property of imported targets with other (non-library) linker flags.
* The :module:`FindPostgreSQL` module learned to find debug and release
variants separately.
* Modules :module:`FindPython3`, :module:`FindPython2` and :module:`FindPython`
gained additional lookup strategies and controls, and a new default.
See policy :policy:`CMP0094`.
* Modules :module:`FindPython`, :module:`FindPython2` and :module:`FindPython3`
gain a new target (respectively ``Python::Module``, ``Python2::Module``
and ``Python3::Module``) which can be used to develop Python modules.
* Modules :module:`FindPython3`, :module:`FindPython2` and :module:`FindPython`
gain capability to control how virtual environments are handled.
* The :module:`UseSWIG` module learned to manage alternate library names
by passing ``-interface <library_name>`` for ``python`` language or
``-dllimport <library_name>`` for ``CSharp`` language to the ``SWIG``
Generator Expressions
* The :manual:`generator expressions <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>`
``PLATFORM_ID`` learned to support matching one value from a comma-separated
* The ``$<CUDA_COMPILER_ID:...>`` and ``$<CUDA_COMPILER_VERSION:...>``
:manual:`generator expressions <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>` were added.
* The ``$<COMPILE_LANG_AND_ID:...>`` generator expression was introduced to
allow specification of compile options for target files based on the
:variable:`CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID` and :prop_sf:`LANGUAGE` of
each source file.
* A ``$<FILTER:list,INCLUDE|EXCLUDE,regex>``
:manual:`generator expression <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>`
has been added.
:manual:`generator expression <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>`
has been added.
* The ``$<SHELL_PATH:...>`` :manual:`generator expression
<cmake-generator-expressions(7)>` gained support for a list of paths.
* New ``$<TARGET_FILE*>`` :manual:`generator expressions
<cmake-generator-expressions(7)>` were added to retrieve the prefix, base
name, and suffix of the file names of various artifacts:
* The ``$<TARGET_OBJECTS:...>`` :manual:`generator expression
<cmake-generator-expressions(7)>` is now supported on ``SHARED``,
``STATIC``, ``MODULE`` libraries and executables.
* The :command:`ctest_submit` command learned a new option: ``BUILD_ID``.
This can be used to store the ID assigned to this build by CDash to a
* The :command:`ctest_update` command learned to honor a new variable:
:variable:`CTEST_UPDATE_VERSION_OVERRIDE`. This can be used to specify
the current version of your source tree rather than using the update
command to discover the current version that is checked out.
* The :cpack_gen:`CPack IFW Generator` gained a new
:variable:`CPACK_IFW_PACKAGE_STYLE_SHEET` variable to customize the
installer stylesheet.
Deprecated and Removed Features
* The :manual:`cmake-server(7)` mode has been deprecated and will be
removed from a future version of CMake. Please port clients to use
the :manual:`cmake-file-api(7)` instead.
* The :prop_dir:`ADDITIONAL_MAKE_CLEAN_FILES` directory property is now
deprecated. Use the :prop_dir:`ADDITIONAL_CLEAN_FILES` directory property
* The variable :variable:`CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE` is considered
deprecated. Support still exists but will be removed in future versions.
* The :command:`export(PACKAGE)` command now does nothing unless
enabled via :variable:`CMAKE_EXPORT_PACKAGE_REGISTRY`.
See policy :policy:`CMP0090`.
* The :generator:`Xcode` generator now requires at least Xcode 5.
* An explicit deprecation diagnostic was added for policy ``CMP0066``
(``CMP0065`` and below were already deprecated).
The :manual:`cmake-policies(7)` manual explains that the OLD behaviors
of all policies are deprecated and that projects should port to the
NEW behaviors.
Other Changes
* CMake learned how to compile C++14 with the IBM AIX XL compiler
and the SunPro compiler and to compile C++20 with the AppleClang compiler.
* With MSVC-like compilers the value of :variable:`CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS`
no longer contains warning flags like ``/W3`` by default.
See policy :policy:`CMP0092`.
* IBM Clang-based XL compilers that define ``__ibmxl__`` now use the
compiler id ``XLClang`` instead of ``XL``. See policy :policy:`CMP0089`.
* The :command:`file(REMOVE)` and :command:`file(REMOVE_RECURSE)` commands
were changed to ignore empty arguments with a warning instead of treating
them as a relative path and removing the contents of the current directory.