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Control emission of ``EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME`` by the :generator:`Xcode`
It is required for building the same target with multiple SDKs. A
common use case is the parallel use of ``iphoneos`` and
``iphonesimulator`` SDKs.
Three different states possible that control when the :generator:`Xcode`
generator emits the ``EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME`` variable:
- If set to ``ON`` it will always be emitted
- If set to ``OFF`` it will never be emitted
- If unset (the default) it will only be emitted when the project was
configured for an embedded Xcode SDK like iOS, tvOS, watchOS or any
of the simulators.
.. note::
When this behavior is enable for generated Xcode projects, the
``EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME`` variable will leak into
:manual:`Generator expressions <cmake-generator-expressions(7)>`
like ``TARGET_FILE`` and will render those mostly unusable.