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Allow duplicate custom targets to be created.
Normally CMake requires that all targets built in a project have
globally unique logical names (see policy :policy:`CMP0002`).
This is necessary to generate meaningful project file names in
:generator:`Xcode` and :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` IDE
generators. It also allows the target names to be referenced
Makefile generators are capable of supporting duplicate :command:`add_custom_target`
names. For projects that care only about :ref:`Makefile Generators` and do
not wish to support :generator:`Xcode` or :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` IDE
generators, one may set this property to ``True``
to allow duplicate custom targets. The property
allows multiple :command:`add_custom_target` command calls in different
directories to specify the same target name. However, setting this
property will cause non-Makefile generators to produce an error and
refuse to generate the project.