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CMake Testing Process
The following documents the process for running integration testing builds.
See documentation on `CMake Development`_ for more information.
.. _`CMake Development`: README.rst
CMake Dashboard Scripts
The *integration testing* step of the `CMake Review Process`_ uses a set of
testing machines that follow an integration branch on their own schedule to
drive testing and submit results to the `CMake CDash Page`_. Anyone is
welcome to provide testing machines in order to help keep support for their
platforms working.
The `CMake Dashboard Scripts Repository`_ provides CTest scripts to drive
nightly, continuous, and experimental testing of CMake. Use the following
commands to set up a new integration testing client:
.. code-block:: console
$ mkdir -p ~/Dashboards
$ cd ~/Dashboards
$ git clone CMakeScripts
$ cd CMakeScripts
The `cmake_common.cmake`_ script contains comments at the top with
instructions to set up a testing client. As it instructs, create a
CTest script with local settings and include ``cmake_common.cmake``.
.. _`CMake Review Process`: review.rst
.. _`CMake CDash Page`:
.. _`CMake Dashboard Scripts Repository`:
.. _`cmake_common.cmake`:
Nightly Start Time
The ``cmake_common.cmake`` script expects its includer to be run from a
nightly scheduled task (cron job). Schedule such tasks for sometime after
``1:00am UTC``, the time at which our nightly testing branches fast-forward.