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CMake Source Code Guide
The following is a guide to the CMake source code for developers.
See documentation on `CMake Development`_ for more information.
.. _`CMake Development`: README.rst
C++ Code Style
We use `clang-format`_ version **6.0** to define our style for C++ code in
the CMake source tree. See the `.clang-format`_ configuration file for our
style settings. Use the `Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash`_ script to
format source code. It automatically runs ``clang-format`` on the set of
source files for which we enforce style. The script also has options to
format only a subset of files, such as those that are locally modified.
.. _`clang-format`:
.. _`.clang-format`: ../../.clang-format
.. _`Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash`: ../../Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash
C++ Subset Permitted
CMake requires compiling as C++11 or above. However, in order to support
building on older toolchains some constructs need to be handled with care:
* Do not use ``std::auto_ptr``.
The ``std::auto_ptr`` template is deprecated in C++11. Use ``std::unique_ptr``.
Source Tree Layout
The CMake source tree is organized as follows.
* ``Auxiliary/``:
Shell and editor integration files.
* ``Help/``:
Documentation. See the `CMake Documentation Guide`_.
* ``Help/dev/``:
Developer documentation.
* ``Help/release/dev/``:
Release note snippets for development since last release.
* ``Licenses/``:
License files for third-party libraries in binary distributions.
* ``Modules/``:
CMake language modules installed with CMake.
* ``Packaging/``:
Files used for packaging CMake itself for distribution.
* ``Source/``:
Source code of CMake itself.
* ``Templates/``:
Files distributed with CMake as implementation details for generators,
packagers, etc.
* ``Tests/``:
The test suite. See `Tests/README.rst`_.
* ``Utilities/``:
Scripts, third-party source code.
* ``Utilities/Sphinx/``:
Sphinx configuration to build CMake user documentation.
* ``Utilities/Release/``:
Scripts used to package CMake itself for distribution on ````.
.. _`CMake Documentation Guide`: documentation.rst
.. _`Tests/README.rst`: ../../Tests/README.rst