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CMake Development
This directory contains documentation about development of CMake itself.
It is not part of the user documentation distributed with CMake.
Contributor Instructions
See `CONTRIBUTING.rst`_ for instructions to contribute changes.
The process for contributing changes is the same whether or not one
has been invited to participate directly in upstream development.
Upstream Development
CMake uses `Kitware's GitLab Instance`_ to manage development, review, and
integration of changes. The `CMake Repository`_ holds the integration
branches and tags. Upstream development processes are covered by the
following documents:
* The `CMake Review Process`_ manages integration of changes.
* The `CMake Testing Process`_ drives integration testing.
.. _`Kitware's GitLab Instance`:
.. _`CMake Repository`:
.. _`CMake Review Process`: review.rst
.. _`CMake Testing Process`: testing.rst
Developer Documentation
CMake developer documentation is provided by the following documents:
* The `CMake Source Code Guide`_.
* The `CMake Documentation Guide`_.
.. _`CMake Source Code Guide`: source.rst
.. _`CMake Documentation Guide`: documentation.rst
Maintainer Documentation
CMake maintainer documentation is provided by the following documents:
* The `CMake Maintainer Guide`_.
.. _`CMake Maintainer Guide`: maint.rst