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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmTarget_h
#define cmTarget_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <iosfwd>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "cmAlgorithms.h"
#include "cmCustomCommand.h"
#include "cmListFileCache.h"
#include "cmPolicies.h"
#include "cmPropertyMap.h"
#include "cmStateTypes.h"
#include "cmTargetLinkLibraryType.h"
class cmGlobalGenerator;
class cmMakefile;
class cmMessenger;
class cmSourceFile;
class cmTargetInternals;
class cmTargetInternalPointer
cmTargetInternalPointer(cmTargetInternalPointer const& r);
cmTargetInternalPointer& operator=(cmTargetInternalPointer const& r);
cmTargetInternals* operator->() const { return this->Pointer; }
cmTargetInternals* Get() const { return this->Pointer; }
cmTargetInternals* Pointer;
/** \class cmTarget
* \brief Represent a library or executable target loaded from a makefile.
* cmTarget represents a target loaded from
* a makefile.
class cmTarget
enum Visibility
cmTarget(std::string const& name, cmStateEnums::TargetType type,
Visibility vis, cmMakefile* mf);
enum CustomCommandType
* Return the type of target.
cmStateEnums::TargetType GetType() const { return this->TargetTypeValue; }
cmGlobalGenerator* GetGlobalGenerator() const;
///! Set/Get the name of the target
const std::string& GetName() const { return this->Name; }
/** Get the cmMakefile that owns this target. */
cmMakefile* GetMakefile() const { return this->Makefile; }
cmPolicies::PolicyStatus GetPolicyStatus##POLICY() const \
{ \
return this->PolicyMap.Get(cmPolicies::POLICY); \
* Get the list of the custom commands for this target
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const& GetPreBuildCommands() const
return this->PreBuildCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const& GetPreLinkCommands() const
return this->PreLinkCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> const& GetPostBuildCommands() const
return this->PostBuildCommands;
void AddPreBuildCommand(cmCustomCommand const& cmd)
void AddPreLinkCommand(cmCustomCommand const& cmd)
void AddPostBuildCommand(cmCustomCommand const& cmd)
* Add sources to the target.
void AddSources(std::vector<std::string> const& srcs);
void AddTracedSources(std::vector<std::string> const& srcs);
cmSourceFile* AddSourceCMP0049(const std::string& src);
cmSourceFile* AddSource(const std::string& src);
//* how we identify a library, by name and type
typedef std::pair<std::string, cmTargetLinkLibraryType> LibraryID;
typedef std::vector<LibraryID> LinkLibraryVectorType;
const LinkLibraryVectorType& GetOriginalLinkLibraries() const
return this->OriginalLinkLibraries;
* Clear the dependency information recorded for this target, if any.
void ClearDependencyInformation(cmMakefile& mf);
void AddLinkLibrary(cmMakefile& mf, const std::string& lib,
cmTargetLinkLibraryType llt);
void AddLinkLibrary(cmMakefile& mf, std::string const& lib,
std::string const& libRef, cmTargetLinkLibraryType llt);
enum TLLSignature
bool PushTLLCommandTrace(TLLSignature signature,
cmListFileContext const& lfc);
void GetTllSignatureTraces(std::ostream& s, TLLSignature sig) const;
* Set the path where this target should be installed. This is relative to
std::string GetInstallPath() const { return this->InstallPath; }
void SetInstallPath(const char* name) { this->InstallPath = name; }
* Set the path where this target (if it has a runtime part) should be
* installed. This is relative to INSTALL_PREFIX
std::string GetRuntimeInstallPath() const
return this->RuntimeInstallPath;
void SetRuntimeInstallPath(const char* name)
this->RuntimeInstallPath = name;
* Get/Set whether there is an install rule for this target.
bool GetHaveInstallRule() const { return this->HaveInstallRule; }
void SetHaveInstallRule(bool h) { this->HaveInstallRule = h; }
* Get/Set whether this target was auto-created by a generator.
bool GetIsGeneratorProvided() const { return this->IsGeneratorProvided; }
void SetIsGeneratorProvided(bool igp) { this->IsGeneratorProvided = igp; }
/** Add a utility on which this project depends. A utility is an executable
* name as would be specified to the ADD_EXECUTABLE or UTILITY_SOURCE
* commands. It is not a full path nor does it have an extension.
void AddUtility(const std::string& u, cmMakefile* makefile = nullptr);
///! Get the utilities used by this target
std::set<std::string> const& GetUtilities() const { return this->Utilities; }
cmListFileBacktrace const* GetUtilityBacktrace(const std::string& u) const;
///! Set/Get a property of this target file
void SetProperty(const std::string& prop, const char* value);
void AppendProperty(const std::string& prop, const char* value,
bool asString = false);
///! Might return a nullptr if the property is not set or invalid
const char* GetProperty(const std::string& prop) const;
///! Always returns a valid pointer
const char* GetSafeProperty(const std::string& prop) const;
bool GetPropertyAsBool(const std::string& prop) const;
void CheckProperty(const std::string& prop, cmMakefile* context) const;
const char* GetComputedProperty(const std::string& prop,
cmMessenger* messenger,
cmListFileBacktrace const& context) const;
bool IsImported() const { return this->IsImportedTarget; }
bool IsImportedGloballyVisible() const
return this->ImportedGloballyVisible;
// Get the properties
cmPropertyMap const& GetProperties() const { return this->Properties; }
bool GetMappedConfig(std::string const& desired_config, const char** loc,
const char** imp, std::string& suffix) const;
/** Return whether this target is an executable with symbol exports
enabled. */
bool IsExecutableWithExports() const;
/** Return whether this target is a shared library Framework on
Apple. */
bool IsFrameworkOnApple() const;
/** Return whether this target is an executable Bundle on Apple. */
bool IsAppBundleOnApple() const;
/** Get a backtrace from the creation of the target. */
cmListFileBacktrace const& GetBacktrace() const;
void InsertInclude(std::string const& entry, cmListFileBacktrace const& bt,
bool before = false);
void InsertCompileOption(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt, bool before = false);
void InsertCompileDefinition(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt);
void InsertLinkOption(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt, bool before = false);
void InsertLinkDirectory(std::string const& entry,
cmListFileBacktrace const& bt, bool before = false);
void AppendBuildInterfaceIncludes();
std::string GetDebugGeneratorExpressions(const std::string& value,
cmTargetLinkLibraryType llt) const;
void AddSystemIncludeDirectories(const std::set<std::string>& incs);
std::set<std::string> const& GetSystemIncludeDirectories() const
return this->SystemIncludeDirectories;
cmStringRange GetIncludeDirectoriesEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetIncludeDirectoriesBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileOptionsEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileOptionsBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileFeaturesEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileFeaturesBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetCompileDefinitionsEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetCompileDefinitionsBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetSourceEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetSourceBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetLinkOptionsEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetLinkOptionsBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetLinkDirectoriesEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetLinkDirectoriesBacktraces() const;
cmStringRange GetLinkImplementationEntries() const;
cmBacktraceRange GetLinkImplementationBacktraces() const;
struct StrictTargetComparison
bool operator()(cmTarget const* t1, cmTarget const* t2) const;
std::string ImportedGetFullPath(const std::string& config,
cmStateEnums::ArtifactType artifact) const;
const char* GetSuffixVariableInternal(
cmStateEnums::ArtifactType artifact) const;
const char* GetPrefixVariableInternal(
cmStateEnums::ArtifactType artifact) const;
// Use a makefile variable to set a default for the given property.
// If the variable is not defined use the given default instead.
void SetPropertyDefault(const std::string& property,
const char* default_value);
bool CheckImportedLibName(std::string const& prop,
std::string const& value) const;
bool IsGeneratorProvided;
cmPropertyMap Properties;
std::set<std::string> SystemIncludeDirectories;
std::set<std::string> Utilities;
std::map<std::string, cmListFileBacktrace> UtilityBacktraces;
cmPolicies::PolicyMap PolicyMap;
std::string Name;
std::string InstallPath;
std::string RuntimeInstallPath;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PreBuildCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PreLinkCommands;
std::vector<cmCustomCommand> PostBuildCommands;
std::vector<std::pair<TLLSignature, cmListFileContext>> TLLCommands;
LinkLibraryVectorType OriginalLinkLibraries;
cmMakefile* Makefile;
cmTargetInternalPointer Internal;
cmStateEnums::TargetType TargetTypeValue;
bool HaveInstallRule;
bool DLLPlatform;
bool IsAndroid;
bool IsImportedTarget;
bool ImportedGloballyVisible;
bool BuildInterfaceIncludesAppended;
std::string ProcessSourceItemCMP0049(const std::string& s);
/** Return whether or not the target has a DLL import library. */
bool HasImportLibrary() const;
// Internal representation details.
friend class cmTargetInternals;
friend class cmGeneratorTarget;
friend class cmTargetTraceDependencies;
cmListFileBacktrace Backtrace;
typedef std::unordered_map<std::string, cmTarget> cmTargets;
class cmTargetSet : public std::set<std::string>
class cmTargetManifest : public std::map<std::string, cmTargetSet>