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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmNinjaTargetGenerator_h
#define cmNinjaTargetGenerator_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include "cmCommonTargetGenerator.h"
#include "cmGlobalNinjaGenerator.h"
#include "cmNinjaTypes.h"
#include "cmOSXBundleGenerator.h"
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
class cmCustomCommand;
class cmGeneratedFileStream;
class cmGeneratorTarget;
class cmLocalNinjaGenerator;
class cmMakefile;
class cmSourceFile;
class cmNinjaTargetGenerator : public cmCommonTargetGenerator
/// Create a cmNinjaTargetGenerator according to the @a target's type.
static cmNinjaTargetGenerator* New(cmGeneratorTarget* target);
/// Build a NinjaTargetGenerator.
cmNinjaTargetGenerator(cmGeneratorTarget* target);
/// Destructor.
~cmNinjaTargetGenerator() override;
virtual void Generate() = 0;
std::string GetTargetName() const;
bool NeedDepTypeMSVC(const std::string& lang) const;
bool SetMsvcTargetPdbVariable(cmNinjaVars&) const;
cmGeneratedFileStream& GetBuildFileStream() const;
cmGeneratedFileStream& GetRulesFileStream() const;
cmGeneratorTarget* GetGeneratorTarget() const
return this->GeneratorTarget;
cmLocalNinjaGenerator* GetLocalGenerator() const
return this->LocalGenerator;
cmGlobalNinjaGenerator* GetGlobalGenerator() const;
cmMakefile* GetMakefile() const { return this->Makefile; }
std::string LanguageCompilerRule(const std::string& lang) const;
std::string LanguagePreprocessRule(std::string const& lang) const;
bool NeedExplicitPreprocessing(std::string const& lang) const;
std::string LanguageDyndepRule(std::string const& lang) const;
bool NeedDyndep(std::string const& lang) const;
std::string OrderDependsTargetForTarget();
std::string ComputeOrderDependsForTarget();
* Compute the flags for compilation of object files for a given @a language.
* @note Generally it is the value of the variable whose name is computed
* by LanguageFlagsVarName().
std::string ComputeFlagsForObject(cmSourceFile const* source,
const std::string& language);
void AddIncludeFlags(std::string& flags, std::string const& lang) override;
std::string ComputeDefines(cmSourceFile const* source,
const std::string& language);
std::string ComputeIncludes(cmSourceFile const* source,
const std::string& language);
std::string ConvertToNinjaPath(const std::string& path) const
return this->GetGlobalGenerator()->ConvertToNinjaPath(path);
cmGlobalNinjaGenerator::MapToNinjaPathImpl MapToNinjaPath() const
return this->GetGlobalGenerator()->MapToNinjaPath();
/// @return the list of link dependency for the given target @a target.
cmNinjaDeps ComputeLinkDeps(const std::string& linkLanguage) const;
/// @return the source file path for the given @a source.
std::string GetSourceFilePath(cmSourceFile const* source) const;
/// @return the object file path for the given @a source.
std::string GetObjectFilePath(cmSourceFile const* source) const;
/// @return the preprocessed source file path for the given @a source.
std::string GetPreprocessedFilePath(cmSourceFile const* source) const;
/// @return the dyndep file path for this target.
std::string GetDyndepFilePath(std::string const& lang) const;
/// @return the target dependency scanner info file path
std::string GetTargetDependInfoPath(std::string const& lang) const;
/// @return the file path where the target named @a name is generated.
std::string GetTargetFilePath(const std::string& name) const;
/// @return the output path for the target.
virtual std::string GetTargetOutputDir() const;
void WriteLanguageRules(const std::string& language);
void WriteCompileRule(const std::string& language);
void WriteObjectBuildStatements();
void WriteObjectBuildStatement(cmSourceFile const* source);
void WriteTargetDependInfo(std::string const& lang);
void ExportObjectCompileCommand(
std::string const& language, std::string const& sourceFileName,
std::string const& objectDir, std::string const& objectFileName,
std::string const& objectFileDir, std::string const& flags,
std::string const& defines, std::string const& includes);
cmNinjaDeps GetObjects() const { return this->Objects; }
void EnsureDirectoryExists(const std::string& dir) const;
void EnsureParentDirectoryExists(const std::string& path) const;
// write rules for macOS Application Bundle content.
struct MacOSXContentGeneratorType
: cmOSXBundleGenerator::MacOSXContentGeneratorType
MacOSXContentGeneratorType(cmNinjaTargetGenerator* g)
: Generator(g)
void operator()(cmSourceFile const& source, const char* pkgloc) override;
cmNinjaTargetGenerator* Generator;
friend struct MacOSXContentGeneratorType;
MacOSXContentGeneratorType* MacOSXContentGenerator;
// Properly initialized by sub-classes.
cmOSXBundleGenerator* OSXBundleGenerator;
std::set<std::string> MacContentFolders;
void addPoolNinjaVariable(const std::string& pool_property,
cmGeneratorTarget* target, cmNinjaVars& vars);
bool ForceResponseFile();
cmLocalNinjaGenerator* LocalGenerator;
/// List of object files for this target.
cmNinjaDeps Objects;
cmNinjaDeps DDIFiles; // TODO: Make per-language.
std::vector<cmCustomCommand const*> CustomCommands;
cmNinjaDeps ExtraFiles;
#endif // ! cmNinjaTargetGenerator_h