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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmCPackProductBuildGenerator_h
#define cmCPackProductBuildGenerator_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <string>
#include "cmCPackGenerator.h"
#include "cmCPackPKGGenerator.h"
class cmCPackComponent;
/** \class cmCPackProductBuildGenerator
* \brief A generator for ProductBuild files
class cmCPackProductBuildGenerator : public cmCPackPKGGenerator
cmCPackTypeMacro(cmCPackProductBuildGenerator, cmCPackPKGGenerator);
* Construct generator
~cmCPackProductBuildGenerator() override;
int InitializeInternal() override;
int PackageFiles() override;
const char* GetOutputExtension() override { return ".pkg"; }
// Run ProductBuild with the given command line, which will (if
// successful) produce the given package file. Returns true if
// ProductBuild succeeds, false otherwise.
bool RunProductBuild(const std::string& command);
// Generate a package in the file packageFile for the given
// component. All of the files within this component are stored in
// the directory packageDir. Returns true if successful, false
// otherwise.
bool GenerateComponentPackage(const std::string& packageFileDir,
const std::string& packageFileName,
const std::string& packageDir,
const cmCPackComponent* component);
const char* GetComponentScript(const char* script,
const char* script_component);