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CMake Release Utilities
This directory contains scripts used to package CMake itself for distribution
on ````. See also the `CMake Source Code Guide`_.
.. _`CMake Source Code Guide`: ../../Help/dev/source.rst
The ``linux/<arch>/`` directories contain Docker specifications that anyone
may use to produce Linux binaries for CMake:
* ``linux/<arch>/base/Dockerfile``:
Produces a base image with a build environment for portable CMake binaries.
This image is published in the `kitware/cmake Docker Hub Repository`_
with tag ``build-linux-<arch>-base-<date>``.
* ``linux/<arch>/deps/Dockerfile``:
Produces an image with custom-built dependencies for portable CMake binaries.
This image is published in the `kitware/cmake Docker Hub Repository`_
with tag ``build-linux-<arch>-deps-<date>``.
* ``linux/<arch>/Dockerfile``:
Produce an image containing a portable CMake binary package for Linux.
Build this image using the CMake source directory as the build context.
The resulting image will have an ``/out`` directory containing the package.
For example:
.. code-block:: console
$ docker build --tag=cmake:build --network none \
-f cmake-src/Utilities/Release/linux/$arch/Dockerfile cmake-src
$ docker container create --name cmake-build cmake:build
$ docker cp cmake-build:/out .
$ ls out/cmake-*-Linux-$arch.*
* ``linux/<arch>/test/Dockerfile``:
Produces a base image with a test environment for packaged CMake binaries.
For example, build the test base image:
.. code-block:: console
$ docker build --tag=cmake:test-base \
Then create a local ``test/Dockerfile`` to prepare an image with both the
CMake source tree and the above-built package::
FROM cmake:test-base
COPY cmake-src /opt/cmake/src/cmake
ADD out/cmake-<ver>-Linux-<arch>.tar.gz /opt/
ENV PATH=/opt/cmake-<ver>-Linux-<arch>/bin:$PATH
Build the test image and run it to drive testing:
.. code-block:: console
$ docker build --tag cmake:test --network none -f test/Dockerfile .
$ docker run --network none cmake:test bash test-make.bash
$ docker run --network none cmake:test bash test-ninja.bash
.. _`kitware/cmake Docker Hub Repository`:
Scripts for Kitware
Kitware uses the following scripts to produce binaries for ````.
They work only on specific machines Kitware uses for such builds.
* ``create-cmake-release.cmake``:
Run ``cmake -DCMAKE_CREATE_VERSION=$ver -P ../create-cmake-release.cmake``
to generate ``create-$ver-*.sh`` release scripts. It also displays
instructions to run them.
* ``*_release.cmake``:
Platform-specific settings used in corresponding scripts generated above.
* ``release_cmake.cmake``:
Code shared by all ``*_release.cmake`` scripts.
* ````:
Template for script that runs on the actual build machines.