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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@_Directory_hxx
#define @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@_Directory_hxx
#include <@KWSYS_NAMESPACE@/Configure.h>
#include <string>
namespace @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@ {
class DirectoryInternals;
/** \class Directory
* \brief Portable directory/filename traversal.
* Directory provides a portable way of finding the names of the files
* in a system directory.
* Directory currently works with Windows and Unix operating systems.
* Load the specified directory and load the names of the files
* in that directory. 0 is returned if the directory can not be
* opened, 1 if it is opened.
bool Load(const std::string&);
* Return the number of files in the current directory.
unsigned long GetNumberOfFiles() const;
* Return the number of files in the specified directory.
* A higher performance static method.
static unsigned long GetNumberOfFilesInDirectory(const std::string&);
* Return the file at the given index, the indexing is 0 based
const char* GetFile(unsigned long) const;
* Return the path to Open'ed directory
const char* GetPath() const;
* Clear the internal structure. Used internally at beginning of Load(...)
* to clear the cache.
void Clear();
// Private implementation details.
DirectoryInternals* Internal;
Directory(const Directory&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const Directory&); // Not implemented.
}; // End Class: Directory
} // namespace @KWSYS_NAMESPACE@