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Disclaimer: Most native build tools have poor support for escaping
certain values. CMake has work-arounds for many cases but some values
may just not be possible to pass correctly. If a value does not seem
to be escaped correctly, do not attempt to work-around the problem by
adding escape sequences to the value. Your work-around may break in a
future version of CMake that has improved escape support. Instead
consider defining the macro in a (configured) header file. Then
report the limitation. Known limitations include::
# - broken almost everywhere
; - broken in VS IDE 7.0 and Borland Makefiles
, - broken in VS IDE
% - broken in some cases in NMake
& | - broken in some cases on MinGW
^ < > \" - broken in most Make tools on Windows
CMake does not reject these values outright because they do work in
some cases. Use with caution.