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Convert GNU import library (``.dll.a``) to MS format (``.lib``).
When linking a shared library or executable that exports symbols using
GNU tools on Windows (MinGW/MSYS) with Visual Studio installed convert
the import library (``.dll.a``) from GNU to MS format (``.lib``). Both import
libraries will be installed by :command:`install(TARGETS)` and exported by
:command:`install(EXPORT)` and :command:`export` to be linked
by applications with either GNU- or MS-compatible tools.
If the variable ``CMAKE_GNUtoMS`` is set when a target is created its
value is used to initialize this property. The variable must be set
prior to the first command that enables a language such as :command:`project`
or :command:`enable_language`. CMake provides the variable as an option to the
user automatically when configuring on Windows with GNU tools.