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Should the target be processed with auto-uic (for Qt projects).
:prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` is a boolean specifying whether CMake will handle
the Qt ``uic`` code generator automatically, i.e. without having to use
the :module:`QT4_WRAP_UI() <FindQt4>` or ``QT5_WRAP_UI()`` macro. Currently
Qt4 and Qt5 are supported.
This property is initialized by the value of the :variable:`CMAKE_AUTOUIC`
variable if it is set when a target is created.
When this property is ``ON``, CMake will scan the header and source files at
build time and invoke ``uic`` accordingly.
Header and source file processing
At build time, CMake scans each header and source file from the
target's sources for include statements of the form
.. code-block:: c++
#include "ui_<ui_base>.h"
Once such an include statement is found in a file, CMake searches for the
``uic`` input file ``<ui_base>.ui``
- in the vicinity of the file and
- in the :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC_SEARCH_PATHS` of the target.
If the ``<ui_base>.ui`` file was found, ``uic`` is called on it to generate
``ui_<ui_base>.h`` in the directory
- ``<AUTOGEN_BUILD_DIR>/include`` for single configuration generators or in
- ``<AUTOGEN_BUILD_DIR>/include_<CONFIG>`` for
:prop_gbl:`multi configuration <GENERATOR_IS_MULTI_CONFIG>` generators.
Where ``<AUTOGEN_BUILD_DIR>`` is the value of the target property
The include directory is automatically added to the target's
The ``uic`` executable will be detected automatically, but can be forced to
a certain binary using this target property.
:prop_sf:`AUTOUIC_OPTIONS`: Additional command line options for ``uic`` can
be set via this source file property on a ``<base_name>.ui`` file.
Source files can be excluded from :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` processing by setting
this source file property.
Source files can be excluded from :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC`,
:prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` and :prop_tgt:`AUTORCC` processing by
setting this source file property.
This global property can be used to group :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC`,
:prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` and :prop_tgt:`AUTORCC` targets together in an IDE,
e.g. in MSVS.
A global ``autogen`` target, that depends on all :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` or
:prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` generated ``<ORIGIN>_autogen`` targets in the project,
will be generated when this variable is ``ON``.
This target property controls the number of ``moc`` or ``uic`` processes to
start in parallel during builds.
See the :manual:`cmake-qt(7)` manual for more information on using CMake
with Qt.