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Additional target dependencies of the corresponding ``_autogen`` target.
Targets which have their :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` or :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` property
``ON`` have a corresponding ``_autogen`` target which generates
``moc`` and ``uic`` files. As this ``_autogen`` target is created at
generate-time, it is not possible to define dependencies of it using
e.g. :command:`add_dependencies`. Instead the
:prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS` target property can be set to a
:ref:`;-list <CMake Language Lists>` of additional dependencies for the
``_autogen`` target. Dependencies can be target names or file names.
In total the dependencies of the ``_autogen`` target are composed from
- forwarded origin target dependencies
(enabled by default via :prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_ORIGIN_DEPENDS`)
- additional user defined dependencies from :prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS`
See the :manual:`cmake-qt(7)` manual for more information on using CMake
with Qt.
Use cases
If :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` or :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` depends on a file that is either
- a :prop_sf:`GENERATED` non C++ file (e.g. a :prop_sf:`GENERATED` ``.json``
or ``.ui`` file) or
- a :prop_sf:`GENERATED` C++ file that isn't recognized by :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC`
and :prop_tgt:`AUTOUIC` because it's skipped by :prop_sf:`SKIP_AUTOMOC`,
:prop_sf:`SKIP_AUTOUIC`, :prop_sf:`SKIP_AUTOGEN` or :policy:`CMP0071` or
- a file that isn't in the origin target's sources
it must added to :prop_tgt:`AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS`.