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/* Capstone Disassembly Engine */
/* By Nguyen Anh Quynh <>, 2013-2014 */
#ifndef CS_PRIV_H
#define CS_PRIV_H
#include <capstone.h>
#include "MCInst.h"
#include "SStream.h"
typedef void (*Printer_t)(MCInst *MI, SStream *OS, void *info);
// function to be called after Printer_t
// this is the best time to gather insn's characteristics
typedef void (*PostPrinter_t)(csh handle, cs_insn *, char *mnem, MCInst *mci);
typedef bool (*Disasm_t)(csh handle, const uint8_t *code, size_t code_len, MCInst *instr, uint16_t *size, uint64_t address, void *info);
typedef const char *(*GetName_t)(csh handle, unsigned int id);
typedef void (*GetID_t)(cs_struct *h, cs_insn *insn, unsigned int id);
// return register name, given register ID
typedef const char *(*GetRegisterName_t)(unsigned RegNo);
// for ARM only
typedef struct ARM_ITStatus {
unsigned char ITStates[8];
unsigned int size;
} ARM_ITStatus;
struct cs_struct {
cs_arch arch;
cs_mode mode;
Printer_t printer; // asm printer
void *printer_info; // aux info for printer
Disasm_t disasm; // disassembler
void *getinsn_info; // auxiliary info for printer
GetName_t reg_name;
GetName_t insn_name;
GetName_t group_name;
GetID_t insn_id;
PostPrinter_t post_printer;
cs_err errnum;
ARM_ITStatus ITBlock; // for Arm only
cs_opt_value detail;
int syntax; // asm syntax for simple printer such as ARM, Mips & PPC
bool doing_mem; // handling memory operand in InstPrinter code
unsigned short *insn_cache; // index caching for mapping.c
GetRegisterName_t get_regname;
bool skipdata; // set this to True if we skip data when disassembling
uint8_t skipdata_size; // how many bytes to skip
cs_opt_skipdata skipdata_setup; // user-defined skipdata setup
const uint8_t *regsize_map; // map to register size (x86-only for now)
#define MAX_ARCH 8
// Returns a bool (0 or 1) whether big endian is enabled for a mode
#define MODE_IS_BIG_ENDIAN(mode) (((mode) & CS_MODE_BIG_ENDIAN) != 0)
extern cs_malloc_t cs_mem_malloc;
extern cs_calloc_t cs_mem_calloc;
extern cs_realloc_t cs_mem_realloc;
extern cs_free_t cs_mem_free;
extern cs_vsnprintf_t cs_vsnprintf;