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This file credits all the contributors of the Capstone engine project.
Key developers
1. Nguyen Anh Quynh <aquynh -at->
- Core engine
- Bindings: Python, Ruby, OCaml, Java, C#
2. Tan Sheng Di <shengdi -at->
- Bindings: Ruby
3. Ben Nagy <ben -at->
- Bindings: Ruby, Go
4. Dang Hoang Vu <dang.hvu -at->
- Bindings: Java
Beta testers (in random order)
Van Hauser
FX of Phenoelit
The Grugq, The Grugq <-- our hero for submitting the first ever patch!
Isaac Dawson, Veracode Inc
Patroklos Argyroudis, Census Inc. (
Attila Suszter
Le Dinh Long
Nicolas Ruff
Alex Ionescu, Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc.
Daniel Godas-Lopez
Joshua J. Drake
Edgar Barbosa
Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
Hugo Fortier
Joxean Koret
Bruce Dang
Andrew Dunham
Contributors (in no particular order)
(Please let us know if you want to have your name here)
Ole André Vadla Ravnås (author of the 100th Pull-Request in our Github repo, thanks!)
Axel "0vercl0k" Souchet (@0vercl0k) & Alex Ionescu: port to MSVC.
Daniel Pistelli: Cmake support.
Peter Hlavaty: integrate Capstone for Windows kernel drivers.
Guillaume Jeanne: Ocaml binding.
Martin Tofall, Obsidium Software: Optimize X86 performance & size.
David Martínez Moreno & Hilko Bengen: Debian package.
Félix Cloutier: Xcode project.
Benoit Lecocq: OpenBSD package.
Christophe Avoinne (Hlide): Improve memory management for better performance.
Michael Cohen & Nguyen Tan Cong: Python module installer.
Adel Gadllah, Francisco Alonso & Stefan Cornelius: RPM package.
Felix Gröbert (Google): fuzz testing harness.
Xipiter LLC: Capstone logo redesigned.
Satoshi Tanda: Support Windows kernel driver.
Tang Yuhang: cstool.
Andrew Dutcher: better Python setup.
Ruben Boonen: PowerShell binding.
David Zimmer: VB6 binding.
Philippe Antoine: Integration with oss-fuzz and various fixes.