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This directory contains some tools used by developers of Capstone project.
Average users should ignore all the contents here.
- arm/
Test some ARM's special input.
- MC/
Input used to test various architectures & modes.
This script benchmarks Python binding by disassembling some random code.
- test_*.sh
Run all the tests and send the output to external file to be compared later.
This is useful when we want to verify if a commit (wrongly) changes
the disassemble result.
Compile Capstone for all platforms (*nix32, clang, cygwin, cross-compile) &
report the result as pass or fail.
This simple script disassembles random code for all archs (or selected arch)
in order to find segfaults.
This script compares the output of Capstone with LLVM's llvm-mc with the
input coming from MC/. This relies on to do all the hard works.
Test some tricky X86 instructions.
Test some tricky branch PPC instructions.