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(* Capstone Disassembly Engine
* By Nguyen Anh Quynh <>, 2013-2014 *)
open X86_const
(* architecture specific info of instruction *)
type x86_op_mem = {
segment: int;
base: int;
index: int;
scale: int;
disp: int;
type x86_op_value =
| X86_OP_INVALID of int
| X86_OP_REG of int
| X86_OP_IMM of int
| X86_OP_MEM of x86_op_mem
type x86_op = {
value: x86_op_value;
size: int;
access: int;
avx_bcast: int;
avx_zero_opmask: int;
type cs_x86 = {
prefix: int array;
opcode: int array;
rex: int;
addr_size: int;
modrm: int;
sib: int;
disp: int;
sib_index: int;
sib_scale: int;
sib_base: int;
xop_cc: int;
sse_cc: int;
avx_cc: int;
avx_sae: int;
avx_rm: int;
eflags: int;
operands: x86_op array;