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This directory contains bindings & test code for Python, Java & OCaml.
See <language>/README for how to compile & install each binding.
More bindings created & maintained by the community are available as followings.
- Gapstone: Go binding (by Ben Nagy).
- Crabstone: Ruby binding (by Ben Nagy).
- Capstone-Vala: Vala binding (by Pancake).
- Node-Capstone: NodeJS binding (by Jason Oster).
- CCcapstone: C++ binding (by Peter Hlavaty).
- LuaCapstone: Lua binding (by Antonio Davide).
- Capstone-RS: Rust binding (by Richo Healey).
- Capstone.NET: .NET framework binding (by Ahmed Garhy).
- CapstoneJ: High level Java wrapper for Capstone-java (by Keve MΓΌller).
- Hapstone: Haskell binding (by ibabushkin)
- Emacs-capstone: Emacs (elisp) binding (by Bas Alberts)
- C# binding (by Matt Graeber). Note: this is only for Capstone v2.0.
- PowerShell binding (by Ruben Boonen).
- PHP binding (by Fadhil Mandaga).