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# Expect script for ld-tic6x tests
# Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of the GNU Binutils.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
# MA 02110-1301, USA.
if { ! [istarget tic6x-*-*] } {
foreach test [lsort [glob -nocomplain $srcdir/$subdir/*.d]] {
if { [runtest_file_p $runtests $test] } {
run_dump_test [file rootname $test]
set shlibtests {
{"C6X shared library without --dsbt-index"
"-shared -Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-noindex.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-noindex.dd}
{"C6X shared library, LE, RELA"
"-shared -Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index=2 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-1.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-1.dd}
{"C6X nonstatic app using shared library, LE, RELA"
"-Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3 tmpdir/" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near" {shlib-app-1.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-app-1.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-app-1.dd}
{objdump -R shlib-app-1.od}}
{"C6X shared library, LE, REL"
"-shared -Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index=2 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mgenerate-rel" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-1r.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-1r.dd}
{"C6X nonstatic app using shared library, LE, REL"
"-Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3 tmpdir/" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mgenerate-rel" {shlib-app-1r.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-app-1r.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-app-1r.dd}
{objdump -R shlib-app-1r.od}}
{"C6X shared library, BE, RELA"
"-shared -Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index=2 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-1b.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-1b.dd}
{"C6X nonstatic app using shared library, BE, RELA"
"-Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3 tmpdir/" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian" {shlib-app-1.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-app-1b.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-app-1b.dd}
{objdump -R shlib-app-1b.od}}
{"C6X shared library, BE, REL"
"-shared -Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index=2 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mgenerate-rel -mbig-endian" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-1rb.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-1rb.dd}
{"C6X nonstatic app using shared library, BE, REL"
"-Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3 tmpdir/" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mgenerate-rel -mbig-endian" {shlib-app-1r.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld shlib-app-1rb.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" shlib-app-1rb.dd}
{objdump -R shlib-app-1rb.od}}
{"C6X static app, LE, RELA"
"-Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s shlib-app-1.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld static-app-1.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" static-app-1.dd}
{objdump -R static-app-1.od}}
{"C6X static app, LE, REL"
"-Tdsbt.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mgenerate-rel" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s shlib-app-1r.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld static-app-1r.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" static-app-1r.dd}
{objdump -R static-app-1r.od}}
{"C6X static app, BE, RELA"
"-Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s shlib-app-1.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld static-app-1b.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" static-app-1b.dd}
{objdump -R static-app-1b.od}}
{"C6X static app, BE, REL"
"-Tdsbt-be.ld --dsbt-index 0 --dsbt-size=3" ""
"-mdsbt -mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian -mgenerate-rel" {shlib-1.s shlib-2.s shlib-app-1r.s}
{{readelf -WSsrld static-app-1rb.rd}
{objdump "-drj.plt -j.text" static-app-1rb.dd}
{objdump -R static-app-1rb.od}}
run_ld_link_tests $shlibtests
if { [istarget tic6x-*-elf] } {
set expected_osabi "Bare-metal C6000"
} elseif { [istarget tic6x-*-uclinux] } {
set expected_osabi "Linux C6000"
} else {
if { ![ld_assemble_flags $as "-mpic -mpid=near" $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-1.s tmpdir/shlib-1.o]
|| ![ld_assemble_flags $as "-mpic -mpid=near" $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-2.s tmpdir/shlib-2.o]
|| ![ld_assemble $as $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-app-1.s tmpdir/shlib-app-1.o]
|| ![ld_assemble_flags $as "-mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian" $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-1.s tmpdir/shlib-1b.o]
|| ![ld_assemble_flags $as "-mpic -mpid=near -mbig-endian" $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-2.s tmpdir/shlib-2b.o]
|| ![ld_assemble_flags $as -mbig-endian $srcdir/$subdir/shlib-app-1.s tmpdir/shlib-app-1b.o]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/ "-shared tmpdir/shlib-1.o tmpdir/shlib-2.o"]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/ "-shared -EB tmpdir/shlib-1b.o tmpdir/shlib-2b.o"]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/shlib.o "-r tmpdir/shlib-1.o tmpdir/shlib-2.o"]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/shlibb.o "-r -EB tmpdir/shlib-1b.o tmpdir/shlib-2b.o"]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/dynapp-1 "tmpdir/ tmpdir/shlib-app-1.o"]
|| ![ld_simple_link $ld tmpdir/dynapp-1b "-EB tmpdir/ tmpdir/shlib-app-1b.o"] } {
unresolved "TIC6X OSABI tests"
# A procedure to check the OS/ABI field in the ELF header of a binary file.
proc check_osabi_tic6x { test_name binary_file } {
global READELF
global expected_osabi
set cmd "$READELF $READELFFLAGS --file-header $binary_file"
send_log "$cmd\n"
set got [remote_exec host [concat sh -c [list "$cmd >dump.out"]] "" "/dev/null"]
if { [lindex $got 0] != 0 || ![string match "" [lindex $got 1]] } then {
send_log "$got\n"
unresolved "$test_name"
remote_file build delete "dump.out"
remote_upload host "dump.out"
if { ![regexp "\n\[ \]*OS/ABI:\[ \]*(.+)\n\[ \]*ABI" \
[file_contents dump.out] nil osabi] } {
verbose "proc check_osabi_tic6x: Readelf failed to extract an ELF header from $binary_file"
unresolved "$test_name"
} elseif { $osabi == $expected_osabi } {
pass "$test_name"
} else {
verbose "Expected OSABI: $expected_osabi, Obtained osabi: $osabi"
fail "$test_name"
remote_file build delete "dump.out"
remote_file host delete "dump.out"
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X shared library OSABI, LE" tmpdir/
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X shared library OSABI, BE" tmpdir/
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X dynamic app OSABI, LE" tmpdir/dynapp-1
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X dynamic app OSABI, BE" tmpdir/dynapp-1b
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X relocatable link OSABI, LE" tmpdir/shlib.o
check_osabi_tic6x "C6X relocatable link OSABI, BE" tmpdir/shlibb.o