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;# Library file y.s has linkonce entries for fn and fn2. Note
;# that this version of fn has different code, as if compiled
;# with different optimization flags than the one in x.s (not
;# important for this test, though). The reference from
;# .gcc_except_table to the linkonce-excluded fn2 must be zero, or g++
;# EH will not work.
.section .gnu.linkonce.t.fn2,"ax",@progbits
.weak fn2
.type fn2,@function
.long 3
.size fn2,.Ld-.Lc
.section .gnu.linkonce.t.fn,"ax",@progbits
.weak fn
.type fn,@function
.long 4
.size fn,.Lf-.Le
.section .gcc_except_table,"aw",@progbits
.long 7
.long .Lc
.long .Ld-.Lc
.long 0x6066
.long .Le
.long .Lf-.Le
.section .eh_frame,"aw",@progbits
.long .LECIE1-.LSCIE1
.long 0x0
.byte 0x1
.byte 0
.uleb128 0x1
.sleb128 -4
.byte 0
.p2align 2
.long .LEFDE1-.LASFDE1
.long .LASFDE1-.Lframe1
.long .Lc
.long .Ld-.Lc
.p2align 2
.long .LEFDE2-.LASFDE2
.long .LASFDE2-.Lframe1
.long .Le
.long .Lf-.Le
.p2align 2