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.*: file format elf32-.*arm
architecture: arm.*, flags 0x00000150:
start address 0x.*
Disassembly of section .plt:
[0-9a-f]+ <.plt>:
[0-9a-f]+: e52de004 push {lr} ; .*
[0-9a-f]+: e59fe004 ldr lr, \[pc, #4\] ; 8150 .*
[0-9a-f]+: e08fe00e add lr, pc, lr
[0-9a-f]+: e5bef008 ldr pc, \[lr, #8\]!
8150: 000080cc .word 0x000080cc
8154: e08e0000 add r0, lr, r0
[0-9a-f]+: e5901004 ldr r1, \[r0, #4\]
[0-9a-f]+: e12fff11 bx r1
[0-9a-f]+: e52d2004 push {r2} ; .*
8164: e59f200c ldr r2, \[pc, #12\] ; 8178 .*
[0-9a-f]+: e59f100c ldr r1, \[pc, #12\] ; 817c .*
[0-9a-f]+: e79f2002 ldr r2, \[pc, r2\]
[0-9a-f]+: e081100f add r1, r1, pc
[0-9a-f]+: e12fff12 bx r2
8178: 000080bc .word 0x000080bc
817c: 000080a4 .word 0x000080a4
Disassembly of section .text:
[0-9a-f]+ <foo>:
[0-9a-f]+: e59f0004 ldr r0, \[pc, #4\] ; 818c .*
[0-9a-f]+: fafffff2 blx 8154 <.*\+0x8154>
[0-9a-f]+: e1a00000 nop ; .*
818c: 000080a0 .word 0x000080a0