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.*: file format .*
Disassembly of section .text:
01c01010 <_start>:
1c01010: f300 f802 bl 1f01018 <__bar_from_thumb>
1f01014: f000 f800 bl 1f01018 <__bar_from_thumb>
01f01018 <__bar_from_thumb>:
1f01018: 4778 bx pc
1f0101a: 46c0 nop ; \(mov r8, r8\)
1f0101c: e59fc000 ldr ip, \[pc\] ; 1f01024 <__bar_from_thumb\+0xc>
1f01020: e08cf00f add pc, ip, pc
1f01024: 000fffec .word 0x000fffec
Disassembly of section .foo:
02001014 <bar>:
2001014: e12fff1e bx lr