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/* tc-ppc.h -- Header file for tc-ppc.c.
Copyright (C) 1994-2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by Ian Lance Taylor, Cygnus Support.
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
02110-1301, USA. */
#define TC_PPC
#include "opcode/ppc.h"
struct fix;
/* Set the endianness we are using. Default to big endian. */
/* If OBJ_COFF is defined, and TE_PE is not defined, we are assembling
XCOFF for AIX or PowerMac. If TE_PE is defined, we are assembling
COFF for Windows NT. */
#ifdef OBJ_COFF
#ifndef TE_PE
#define OBJ_XCOFF
/* The target BFD architecture. */
#define TARGET_ARCH (ppc_arch ())
#define TARGET_MACH (ppc_mach ())
extern enum bfd_architecture ppc_arch (void);
extern unsigned long ppc_mach (void);
/* Whether or not the target is big endian */
extern int target_big_endian;
/* The target BFD format. */
#define TARGET_FORMAT (ppc_target_format ())
extern const char *ppc_target_format (void);
/* Permit temporary numeric labels. */
/* $ is used to refer to the current location. */
#define DOLLAR_DOT
/* Strings do not use backslash escapes under COFF. */
#ifdef OBJ_COFF
#ifdef OBJ_ELF
#define DIFF_EXPR_OK /* foo-. gets turned into PC relative relocs */
#define PPC_BIG_ENDIAN 1
#define PPC_BIG_ENDIAN 0
/* We don't need to handle .word strangely. */
if ((FRAGP)->fr_type == rs_align_code) \
ppc_handle_align (FRAGP);
extern void ppc_handle_align (struct frag *);
extern void ppc_frag_check (struct frag *);
#ifdef OBJ_ELF
#define md_frag_check(FRAGP) ppc_frag_check (FRAGP)
/* Arrange to store the value of ppc_cpu at the site of a fixup
for later use in md_apply_fix. */
struct _ppc_fix_extra
ppc_cpu_t ppc_cpu;
extern ppc_cpu_t ppc_cpu;
#define TC_FIX_TYPE struct _ppc_fix_extra
do { (FIXP)->tc_fix_data.ppc_cpu = ppc_cpu; } while (0)
#ifdef TE_PE
/* Question marks are permitted in symbol names. */
#define LEX_QM 1
/* Don't adjust TOC relocs. */
#define tc_fix_adjustable(FIX) ppc_pe_fix_adjustable (FIX)
extern int ppc_pe_fix_adjustable (struct fix *);
#ifdef OBJ_XCOFF
/* Declarations needed when generating XCOFF code. XCOFF is an
extension of COFF, used only on the RS/6000. Rather than create an
obj-xcoff, we just use obj-coff, and handle the extensions here in
tc-ppc. */
/* We need to keep some information for symbols. */
struct ppc_tc_sy
/* We keep a few linked lists of symbols. */
symbolS *next;
/* The real name, if the symbol was renamed. */
char *real_name;
/* Non-zero if the symbol should be output. The RS/6000 assembler
only outputs symbols that are external or are mentioned in a
.globl or .lglobl statement. */
unsigned char output;
/* The symbol class. */
short symbol_class;
/* For a csect or common symbol, the alignment to use. */
unsigned char align;
/* For a csect symbol, the subsegment we are using. This is zero
for symbols that are not csects. */
subsegT subseg;
/* For a csect symbol, the last symbol which has been defined in
this csect, or NULL if none have been defined so far.
For a .bs symbol, the referenced csect symbol.
For a label, the enclosing csect. */
symbolS *within;
/* For a function symbol, a symbol whose value is the size. The
field is NULL if there is no size. */
symbolS *size;
/* For a dwarf symbol, the corresponding dwarf subsection. */
struct dw_subsection *dw;
} u;
#define TC_SYMFIELD_TYPE struct ppc_tc_sy
/* We need an additional auxent for function symbols. */
/* Square and curly brackets are permitted in symbol names. */
#define LEX_BR 3
/* Canonicalize the symbol name. */
#define tc_canonicalize_symbol_name(name) ppc_canonicalize_symbol_name (name)
extern char *ppc_canonicalize_symbol_name (char *);
/* Get the symbol class from the name. */
#define tc_symbol_new_hook(sym) ppc_symbol_new_hook (sym)
extern void ppc_symbol_new_hook (symbolS *);
/* Set the symbol class of a label based on the csect. */
#define tc_frob_label(sym) ppc_frob_label (sym)
extern void ppc_frob_label (symbolS *);
/* TOC relocs requires special handling. */
#define tc_fix_adjustable(FIX) ppc_fix_adjustable (FIX)
extern int ppc_fix_adjustable (struct fix *);
/* We need to set the section VMA. */
#define tc_frob_section(sec) ppc_frob_section (sec)
extern void ppc_frob_section (asection *);
/* Finish up the symbol. */
#define tc_frob_symbol(sym, punt) punt = ppc_frob_symbol (sym)
extern int ppc_frob_symbol (symbolS *);
/* Finish up the entire symtab. */
#define tc_adjust_symtab() ppc_adjust_symtab ()
extern void ppc_adjust_symtab (void);
/* We also need to copy, in particular, the class of the symbol,
over what obj-coff would otherwise have copied. */
#define OBJ_COPY_SYMBOL_ATTRIBUTES(dest,src) \
do { \
if (SF_GET_GET_SEGMENT (dest)) \
S_SET_SEGMENT (dest, S_GET_SEGMENT (src)); \
symbol_get_tc (dest)->u = symbol_get_tc (src)->u; \
symbol_get_tc (dest)->align = symbol_get_tc (src)->align; \
symbol_get_tc (dest)->symbol_class = symbol_get_tc (src)->symbol_class; \
symbol_get_tc (dest)->within = symbol_get_tc (src)->within; \
} while (0)
extern void ppc_xcoff_end (void);
#define md_end ppc_xcoff_end
#define tc_new_dot_label(sym) ppc_new_dot_label (sym)
extern void ppc_new_dot_label (symbolS *);
#endif /* OBJ_XCOFF */
extern const char ppc_symbol_chars[];
#define tc_symbol_chars ppc_symbol_chars
#ifdef OBJ_ELF
/* Support for SHT_ORDERED */
extern int ppc_section_type (char *, size_t);
extern int ppc_section_flags (flagword, bfd_vma, int);
#define md_elf_section_type(STR, LEN) ppc_section_type (STR, LEN)
#define md_elf_section_flags(FLAGS, ATTR, TYPE) ppc_section_flags (FLAGS, ATTR, TYPE)
#define tc_comment_chars ppc_comment_chars
extern const char *ppc_comment_chars;
/* Keep relocations relative to the GOT, or non-PC relative. */
#define tc_fix_adjustable(FIX) ppc_fix_adjustable (FIX)
extern int ppc_fix_adjustable (struct fix *);
/* Values passed to md_apply_fix don't include symbol values. */
ppc_elf_parse_cons (EXP, NBYTES)
extern bfd_reloc_code_real_type ppc_elf_parse_cons (expressionS *,
unsigned int);
ppc_elf_cons_fix_check (EXP, NBYTES, FIX)
extern void ppc_elf_cons_fix_check (expressionS *, unsigned int, struct fix *);
#define tc_frob_file_before_adjust ppc_frob_file_before_adjust
extern void ppc_frob_file_before_adjust (void);
#define tc_adjust_symtab() ppc_elf_adjust_symtab ()
extern void ppc_elf_adjust_symtab (void);
extern void ppc_elf_end (void);
#define md_end ppc_elf_end
#endif /* OBJ_ELF */
#if defined (OBJ_ELF) || defined (OBJ_XCOFF)
#define TC_FORCE_RELOCATION(FIX) ppc_force_relocation (FIX)
extern int ppc_force_relocation (struct fix *);
/* call md_pcrel_from_section, not md_pcrel_from */
#define MD_PCREL_FROM_SECTION(FIX, SEC) md_pcrel_from_section(FIX, SEC)
extern long md_pcrel_from_section (struct fix *, segT);
#define md_parse_name(name, exp, mode, c) ppc_parse_name (name, exp)
extern int ppc_parse_name (const char *, struct expressionS *);
#define md_operand(x)
#define md_cleanup() ppc_cleanup ()
extern void ppc_cleanup (void);
#if (defined TE_AIX5 || defined TE_AIX \
|| defined TE_FreeBSD || defined TE_NetBSD || defined TE_LYNX)
/* ppc uses different register numbers between .eh_frame and .debug_frame.
This macro translates the .eh_frame register numbers to .debug_frame
register numbers. */
#define md_reg_eh_frame_to_debug_frame(regno) \
((regno) == 70 ? 64 /* cr2 */ \
: (regno) == 65 ? 108 /* lr */ \
: (regno) == 66 ? 109 /* ctr */ \
: (regno) >= 68 && (regno) <= 75 ? (regno) + 86 - 68 /* crN */ \
: (regno) == 76 ? 101 /* xer */ \
: (regno) >= 77 && (regno) <= 108 ? (regno) + 1124 - 77 /* vrN */ \
: (regno) == 109 ? 356 /* vrsave */ \
: (regno) == 110 ? 67 /* vscr */ \
: (regno) == 111 ? 99 /* spe_acc */ \
: (regno) == 112 ? 612 /* spefscr */ \
: (regno))
#define tc_cfi_frame_initial_instructions ppc_cfi_frame_initial_instructions
extern void ppc_cfi_frame_initial_instructions (void);
#define tc_regname_to_dw2regnum tc_ppc_regname_to_dw2regnum
extern int tc_ppc_regname_to_dw2regnum (char *);
extern int ppc_cie_data_alignment;
extern int ppc_dwarf2_line_min_insn_length;
#define DWARF2_LINE_MIN_INSN_LENGTH ppc_dwarf2_line_min_insn_length
#define DWARF2_CIE_DATA_ALIGNMENT ppc_cie_data_alignment