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* Wifi configuration file operation
* Copyright 1999-2016, Broadcom Corporation
* All rights reserved,
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,
* are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
* 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
* this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
* this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
* and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* This software is provided by the copyright holder "as is" and any express or
* implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
* merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event
* shall copyright holder be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special,
* exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement
* of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business
* interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in
* contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising
* in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility
* of such damage
* <<Broadcom-WL-IPTag/Open:>>
* $Id: dhd_config.h 591129 2015-10-07 05:22:14Z $
#ifndef _dhd_config_
#define _dhd_config_
#include <bcmdevs.h>
#include <dngl_stats.h>
#include <dhd.h>
#include <wlioctl.h>
#include <proto/802.11.h>
extern char firmware_path[MOD_PARAM_PATHLEN];
extern char ccode[MOD_PARAM_PATHLEN];
extern uint dhd_rxbound;
extern uint dhd_txbound;
#ifdef BCMSDIO
extern uint dhd_doflow;
extern uint dhd_slpauto;
#define BCM43362A0_CHIP_REV 0
#define BCM43362A2_CHIP_REV 1
#define BCM43430A0_CHIP_REV 0
#define BCM43430A1_CHIP_REV 1
#define BCM43430A2_CHIP_REV 2
#define BCM43012B0_CHIP_REV 1
#define BCM4330B2_CHIP_REV 4
#define BCM4334B1_CHIP_REV 3
#define BCM43341B0_CHIP_REV 2
#define BCM43241B4_CHIP_REV 5
#define BCM4335A0_CHIP_REV 2
#define BCM4339A0_CHIP_REV 1
#define BCM43455C0_CHIP_REV 6
#define BCM43458C5_CHIP_REV 9
#define BCM4354A1_CHIP_REV 1
#define BCM4359B1_CHIP_REV 5
#define BCM4359C0_CHIP_REV 9
#define BCM4356A2_CHIP_REV 2
#define BCM4358A3_CHIP_REV 3
typedef struct wl_mac_range {
uint32 oui;
uint32 nic_start;
uint32 nic_end;
} wl_mac_range_t;
typedef struct wl_mac_list {
int count;
wl_mac_range_t *mac;
} wl_mac_list_t;
typedef struct wl_mac_list_ctrl {
int count;
struct wl_mac_list *m_mac_list_head;
} wl_mac_list_ctrl_t;
typedef struct wl_chip_nv_path {
uint chip;
uint chiprev;
} wl_chip_nv_path_t;
typedef struct wl_chip_nv_path_list_ctrl {
int count;
struct wl_chip_nv_path *m_chip_nv_path_head;
} wl_chip_nv_path_list_ctrl_t;
typedef struct wl_channel_list {
uint32 count;
uint32 channel[WL_NUMCHANNELS];
} wl_channel_list_t;
typedef struct wmes_param {
int aifsn[AC_COUNT];
int ecwmin[AC_COUNT];
int ecwmax[AC_COUNT];
int txop[AC_COUNT];
} wme_param_t;
#define PKT_FILTER_LEN 300
typedef struct conf_pkt_filter_add {
uint32 count;
} conf_pkt_filter_add_t;
typedef struct conf_pkt_filter_del {
uint32 count;
} conf_pkt_filter_del_t;
typedef struct conf_country_list {
uint32 count;
wl_country_t cspec[CONFIG_COUNTRY_LIST_SIZE];
} conf_country_list_t;
typedef struct dhd_conf {
uint chip;
uint chiprev;
wl_mac_list_ctrl_t fw_by_mac;
wl_mac_list_ctrl_t nv_by_mac;
wl_chip_nv_path_list_ctrl_t nv_by_chip;
conf_country_list_t country_list;
int band;
int mimo_bw_cap;
int bw_cap_2g;
int bw_cap_5g;
wl_country_t cspec;
wl_channel_list_t channels;
uint roam_off;
uint roam_off_suspend;
int roam_trigger[2];
int roam_scan_period[2];
int roam_delta[2];
int fullroamperiod;
uint keep_alive_period;
int force_wme_ac;
wme_param_t wme_sta;
wme_param_t wme_ap;
int stbc;
int phy_oclscdenable;
conf_pkt_filter_add_t pkt_filter_add;
conf_pkt_filter_del_t pkt_filter_del;
char *magic_pkt_filter_add;
int srl;
int lrl;
uint bcn_timeout;
int spect;
int txbf;
int lpc;
int disable_proptx;
#ifdef BCMSDIO
int bus_txglom;
int use_rxchain;
bool bus_rxglom;
bool txglom_ext; /* Only for 43362/4330/43340/43341/43241 */
/* terence 20161011:
1) conf->tx_max_offset = 1 to fix credict issue in adaptivity testing
2) conf->tx_max_offset = 1 will cause to UDP Tx not work in rxglom supported,
but not happened in sw txglom
int tx_max_offset;
uint txglomsize;
int dhd_poll;
bool txctl_tmo_fix;
bool tx_in_rx;
bool txglom_mode;
uint deferred_tx_len;
bool swtxglom; /* SW TXGLOM */
* 43362/4330: 1680
* 43340/43341/43241: 1684
int txglom_bucket_size;
int txinrx_thres;
int dhd_txminmax; // -1=DATABUFCNT(bus)
uint sd_f2_blocksize;
bool oob_enabled_later;
int ampdu_ba_wsize;
int ampdu_hostreorder;
int dpc_cpucore;
int rxf_cpucore;
int frameburst;
bool deepsleep;
int pm;
int pm_in_suspend;
int pm2_sleep_ret;
uint8 tcpack_sup_mode;
int pktprio8021x;
int rsdb_mode;
int vhtmode;
int num_different_channels;
int xmit_in_suspend;
int ap_in_suspend;
bool suspend_eventmask_enable;
char suspend_eventmask[WL_EVENTING_MASK_LEN];
char resume_eventmask[WL_EVENTING_MASK_LEN];
#ifdef IDHCP
int dhcpc_enable;
int dhcpd_enable;
struct ipv4_addr dhcpd_ip_addr;
struct ipv4_addr dhcpd_ip_mask;
struct ipv4_addr dhcpd_ip_start;
struct ipv4_addr dhcpd_ip_end;
char iapsta_init[50];
char iapsta_config[300];
char iapsta_enable[50];
int autocountry;
int tsq;
} dhd_conf_t;
#ifdef BCMSDIO
int dhd_conf_get_mac(dhd_pub_t *dhd, bcmsdh_info_t *sdh, uint8 *mac);
void dhd_conf_set_fw_name_by_mac(dhd_pub_t *dhd, bcmsdh_info_t *sdh, char *fw_path);
void dhd_conf_set_nv_name_by_mac(dhd_pub_t *dhd, bcmsdh_info_t *sdh, char *nv_path);
#if defined(HW_OOB) || defined(FORCE_WOWLAN)
void dhd_conf_set_hw_oob_intr(bcmsdh_info_t *sdh, uint chip);
void dhd_conf_set_txglom_params(dhd_pub_t *dhd, bool enable);
void dhd_conf_set_fw_name_by_chip(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *fw_path);
void dhd_conf_set_clm_name_by_chip(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *clm_path);
void dhd_conf_set_nv_name_by_chip(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *nv_path);
void dhd_conf_set_path(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *dst_name, char *dst_path, char *src_path);
void dhd_conf_set_conf_name_by_chip(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *conf_path);
int dhd_conf_set_intiovar(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint cmd, char *name, int val, int def, bool down);
int dhd_conf_get_iovar(dhd_pub_t *dhd, int cmd, char *name, char *buf, int len, int ifidx);
int dhd_conf_set_bufiovar(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint cmd, char *name, char *buf, int len, bool down);
uint dhd_conf_get_band(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_set_country(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_get_country(dhd_pub_t *dhd, wl_country_t *cspec);
int dhd_conf_get_country_from_config(dhd_pub_t *dhd, wl_country_t *cspec);
int dhd_conf_fix_country(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
bool dhd_conf_match_channel(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint32 channel);
int dhd_conf_set_roam(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
void dhd_conf_set_bw_cap(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
void dhd_conf_set_wme(dhd_pub_t *dhd, int mode);
void dhd_conf_add_pkt_filter(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
bool dhd_conf_del_pkt_filter(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint32 id);
void dhd_conf_discard_pkt_filter(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_read_config(dhd_pub_t *dhd, char *conf_path);
int dhd_conf_set_chiprev(dhd_pub_t *dhd, uint chip, uint chiprev);
uint dhd_conf_get_chip(void *context);
uint dhd_conf_get_chiprev(void *context);
int dhd_conf_get_pm(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_get_disable_proptx(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_get_ap_mode_in_suspend(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_set_ap_in_suspend(dhd_pub_t *dhd, int suspend);
int dhd_conf_preinit(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_reset(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
int dhd_conf_attach(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
void dhd_conf_detach(dhd_pub_t *dhd);
void *dhd_get_pub(struct net_device *dev);
void *dhd_get_conf(struct net_device *dev);
#endif /* _dhd_config_ */