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* Copyright (C) 2008 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <utils/List.h>
class KeyManagementMask {
static const uint32_t UNKNOWN = 0;
static const uint32_t NONE = 0x01;
static const uint32_t WPA_PSK = 0x02;
static const uint32_t WPA_EAP = 0x04;
static const uint32_t IEEE8021X = 0x08;
static const uint32_t ALL = WPA_PSK | WPA_EAP | IEEE8021X;
class SecurityProtocolMask {
static const uint32_t WPA = 0x01;
static const uint32_t RSN = 0x02;
class AuthenticationAlgorithmMask {
static const uint32_t OPEN = 0x01;
static const uint32_t SHARED = 0x02;
static const uint32_t LEAP = 0x04;
class PairwiseCiphersMask {
static const uint32_t NONE = 0x00;
static const uint32_t TKIP = 0x01;
static const uint32_t CCMP = 0x02;
class GroupCiphersMask {
static const uint32_t WEP40 = 0x01;
static const uint32_t WEP104 = 0x02;
static const uint32_t TKIP = 0x04;
static const uint32_t CCMP = 0x08;
class Supplicant;
class InterfaceConfig;
class Controller;
class WifiController;
#include "IPropertyProvider.h"
class WifiNetwork : public IPropertyProvider{
static const char *PropertyNames[];
Supplicant *mSuppl;
InterfaceConfig *mIfaceCfg;
WifiController *mController;
* Unique network id - normally provided by supplicant
int mNetid;
* The networks' SSID. Can either be an ASCII string,
* which must be enclosed in double quotation marks
* (ie: "MyNetwork"), or a string of hex digits which
* are not enclosed in quotes (ie: 01ab7893)
char *mSsid;
* When set, this entry should only be used
* when associating with the AP having the specified
* BSSID. The value is a string in the format of an
* Ethernet MAC address
char *mBssid;
* Pre-shared key for use with WPA-PSK
char *mPsk;
* Up to four WEP keys. Either in ASCII string enclosed in
* double quotes, or a string of hex digits
char *mWepKeys[4];
* Default WEP key index, ranging from 0 -> NUM_WEP_KEYS -1
int mDefaultKeyIndex;
* Priority determines the preference given to a network by
* supplicant when choosing an access point with which
* to associate
int mPriority;
* This is a network that does not broadcast it's SSID, so an
* SSID-specific probe request must be used for scans.
char *mHiddenSsid;
* The set of key management protocols supported by this configuration.
uint32_t mAllowedKeyManagement;
* The set of security protocols supported by this configuration.
uint32_t mAllowedProtocols;
* The set of authentication protocols supported by this configuration.
uint32_t mAllowedAuthAlgorithms;
* The set of pairwise ciphers for WPA supported by this configuration.
uint32_t mAllowedPairwiseCiphers;
* The set of group ciphers for WPA supported by this configuration.
uint32_t mAllowedGroupCiphers;
* Set if this Network is enabled
bool mEnabled;
WifiNetwork(WifiController *c, Supplicant *suppl, int networkId);
WifiNetwork(WifiController *c, Supplicant *suppl, const char *data);
virtual ~WifiNetwork();
WifiNetwork *clone();
int registerProperties();
int unregisterProperties();
int getNetworkId() { return mNetid; }
const char *getSsid() { return mSsid; }
const char *getBssid() { return mBssid; }
const char *getPsk() { return mPsk; }
const char *getWepKey(int idx) { return mWepKeys[idx]; }
int getDefaultKeyIndex() { return mDefaultKeyIndex; }
int getPriority() { return mPriority; }
const char *getHiddenSsid() { return mHiddenSsid; }
uint32_t getAllowedKeyManagement() { return mAllowedKeyManagement; }
uint32_t getAllowedProtocols() { return mAllowedProtocols; }
uint32_t getAllowedAuthAlgorithms() { return mAllowedAuthAlgorithms; }
uint32_t getAllowedPairwiseCiphers() { return mAllowedPairwiseCiphers; }
uint32_t getAllowedGroupCiphers() { return mAllowedGroupCiphers; }
bool getEnabled() { return mEnabled; }
Controller *getController() { return (Controller *) mController; }
int set(const char *name, const char *value);
const char *get(const char *name, char *buffer, size_t maxsize);
InterfaceConfig *getIfaceCfg() { return mIfaceCfg; }
int setEnabled(bool enabled);
int setSsid(const char *ssid);
int setBssid(const char *bssid);
int setPsk(const char *psk);
int setWepKey(int idx, const char *key);
int setDefaultKeyIndex(int idx);
int setPriority(int pri);
int setHiddenSsid(const char *ssid);
int setAllowedKeyManagement(uint32_t mask);
int setAllowedProtocols(uint32_t mask);
int setAllowedAuthAlgorithms(uint32_t mask);
int setAllowedPairwiseCiphers(uint32_t mask);
int setAllowedGroupCiphers(uint32_t mask);
// XXX:Should this really be exposed?.. meh
int refresh();
typedef android::List<WifiNetwork *> WifiNetworkCollection;