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#include "List.h"
#include <pthread.h>
#include <cutils/atomic.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/uio.h>
class SocketClient {
int mSocket;
bool mSocketOwned;
pthread_mutex_t mWriteMutex;
// Peer process ID
pid_t mPid;
// Peer user ID
uid_t mUid;
// Peer group ID
gid_t mGid;
// Reference count (starts at 1)
pthread_mutex_t mRefCountMutex;
int mRefCount;
int mCmdNum;
bool mUseCmdNum;
SocketClient(int sock, bool owned);
SocketClient(int sock, bool owned, bool useCmdNum);
virtual ~SocketClient();
int getSocket() { return mSocket; }
pid_t getPid() const { return mPid; }
uid_t getUid() const { return mUid; }
gid_t getGid() const { return mGid; }
void setCmdNum(int cmdNum) {
android_atomic_release_store(cmdNum, &mCmdNum);
int getCmdNum() { return mCmdNum; }
// Send null-terminated C strings:
int sendMsg(int code, const char *msg, bool addErrno);
int sendMsg(int code, const char *msg, bool addErrno, bool useCmdNum);
int sendMsg(const char *msg);
// Provides a mechanism to send a response code to the client.
// Sends the code and a null character.
int sendCode(int code);
// Provides a mechanism to send binary data to client.
// Sends the code and a null character, followed by 4 bytes of
// big-endian length, and the data.
int sendBinaryMsg(int code, const void *data, int len);
// Sending binary data:
int sendData(const void *data, int len);
// iovec contents not preserved through call
int sendDatav(struct iovec *iov, int iovcnt);
// Optional reference counting. Reference count starts at 1. If
// it's decremented to 0, it deletes itself.
// SocketListener creates a SocketClient (at refcount 1) and calls
// decRef() when it's done with the client.
void incRef();
bool decRef(); // returns true at 0 (but note: SocketClient already deleted)
// return a new string in quotes with '\\' and '\"' escaped for "my arg"
// transmissions
static char *quoteArg(const char *arg);
void init(int socket, bool owned, bool useCmdNum);
// Sending binary data. The caller should make sure this is protected
// from multiple threads entering simultaneously.
// returns 0 if successful, -1 if there is a 0 byte write or if any
// other error occurred (use errno to get the error)
int sendDataLockedv(struct iovec *iov, int iovcnt);
typedef android::sysutils::List<SocketClient *> SocketClientCollection;