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#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#ifdef __ARM_NEON
#include <arm_neon.h>
#ifndef __FLOAT32X4T_86
#define __FLOAT32X4T_86
typedef float float32x4_t __attribute__((__vector_size__(16)));
typedef struct DvrPoseClient DvrPoseClient;
typedef struct DvrReadBufferQueue DvrReadBufferQueue;
// Represents an estimated pose, accessed asynchronously through a shared ring
// buffer. No assumptions should be made about the data in padding space.
// The size of this struct is 128 bytes.
typedef struct __attribute__((packed, aligned(16))) DvrPoseAsync {
// Left eye head-from-start orientation quaternion x,y,z,w.
float32x4_t orientation;
// Left eye head-from-start position x,y,z,pad in meters.
float32x4_t position;
// Right eye head-from-start orientation quaternion x,y,z,w.
float32x4_t right_orientation;
// Right eye head-from-start position x,y,z,pad in meters.
float32x4_t right_position;
// Start-space angular velocity x,y,z,pad in radians per second.
float32x4_t angular_velocity;
// Start-space positional velocity x,y,z,pad in meters per second.
float32x4_t velocity;
// Timestamp of when this pose is predicted for, typically halfway through
// scanout.
int64_t timestamp_ns;
// Bitmask of DVR_POSE_FLAG_* constants that apply to this pose.
// If DVR_POSE_FLAG_INVALID is set, the pose is indeterminate.
uint64_t flags;
// Reserved padding to 128 bytes.
uint8_t pad[16];
} DvrPoseAsync;
enum {
DVR_POSE_FLAG_INVALID = (1ULL << 0), // This pose is invalid.
DVR_POSE_FLAG_INITIALIZING = (1ULL << 1), // The pose delivered during
// initialization and it may not be
// correct.
(1ULL << 2), // This pose is derived from 3Dof sensors. If
// this is not set, pose is derived using
// 3Dof and 6Dof sensors.
(1ULL << 3), // If set the floor height is invalid.
// Bits that indicate the tracking system state.
// Represents a sensor pose sample.
typedef struct __attribute__((packed, aligned(16))) DvrPose {
// Head-from-start orientation quaternion x,y,z,w.
float32x4_t orientation;
// The angular velocity where the x,y,z is the rotation axis and the
// magnitude is the radians / second in the same coordinate frame as
// orientation.
float32x4_t angular_velocity;
// Head-from-start position x,y,z,pad in meters.
float32x4_t position;
// In meters / second in the same coordinate frame as position.
float32x4_t velocity;
// In meters / second ^ 2 in the same coordinate frame as position.
float32x4_t acceleration;
// Timestamp for the measurement in nanoseconds.
int64_t timestamp_ns;
// The combination of flags above.
uint64_t flags;
// The current floor height. May be updated at a lower cadence than pose.
float floor_height;
// Padding to 112 bytes so the size is a multiple of 16.
uint8_t padding[12];
} DvrPose;
// Represents a data type that can be streamed from pose service.
enum {
// Always last.
// A request to retrieve data from the pose service. Expects that a buffer
// queue has been initialized through dvrPoseClientGetDataReader().
typedef struct DvrPoseDataCaptureRequest {
// The type of data to capture. Refer to enum DVR_POSE_RAW_DATA_* for types.
uint64_t data_type;
// The sample interval. This can be used to skip samples. For example, a
// value of 5 will capture every fifth frame and discard the 4 frames in
// between. Set to 1 to capture all frames.
uint32_t sample_interval;
// The length of time to capture samples in milliseconds. Set to 0 to capture
// indefinitely.
uint32_t capture_time_ms;
// Reserved fields.
uint32_t reserved0;
uint32_t reserved1;
uint32_t reserved2;
uint32_t reserved3;
uint32_t reserved4;
} DvrPoseDataCaptureRequest;
// Gets a read buffer queue for the data type |data_type|. Each call returns a
// different read buffer queue connected to the same write buffer queue. A
// separate write buffer queue exists for each |data_type|.
// PoseService supports a single consumer per write buffer queue. The consumer
// is expected to hold a single DvrReadBufferQueue at a time. Callers should
// cache these instead of requesting new ones when possible. If the consumer
// disconnects from the queue, it can regain a read buffer queue for the same
// producer by calling this function.
// For data_type DVR_POSE_RAW_DATA_STEREO_IMAGE, each buffer consists of two
// images formatted as a AHARDWAREBUFFER_FORMAT_BLOB, where height is 1 and
// width is the total size of both images. The size of an individual image can
// be found in the metadata struct DvrNativeBufferMetadata, where width is
// |crop_right| and height is |crop_bottom|/2. Each image is contiguous in
// memory with stride equal to width.
int dvrPoseClientGetDataReader(DvrPoseClient* client, uint64_t data_type,
DvrReadBufferQueue** queue_out);
// TODO(b/65067592): Move pose api's from pose_client.h to here.