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* Copyright 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "MessageQueue.h"
#include "MonitoredProducer.h"
#include "SurfaceFlinger.h"
namespace android {
MonitoredProducer::MonitoredProducer(const sp<IGraphicBufferProducer>& producer,
const sp<SurfaceFlinger>& flinger) :
mFlinger(flinger) {}
MonitoredProducer::~MonitoredProducer() {
// Remove ourselves from SurfaceFlinger's list. We do this asynchronously
// because we don't know where this destructor is called from. It could be
// called with the mStateLock held, leading to a dead-lock (it actually
// happens).
class MessageCleanUpList : public MessageBase {
MessageCleanUpList(const sp<SurfaceFlinger>& flinger,
const wp<IBinder>& producer)
: mFlinger(flinger), mProducer(producer) {}
virtual ~MessageCleanUpList() {}
virtual bool handler() {
Mutex::Autolock _l(mFlinger->mStateLock);
return true;
sp<SurfaceFlinger> mFlinger;
wp<IBinder> mProducer;
mFlinger->postMessageAsync(new MessageCleanUpList(mFlinger, asBinder(this)));
status_t MonitoredProducer::requestBuffer(int slot, sp<GraphicBuffer>* buf) {
return mProducer->requestBuffer(slot, buf);
status_t MonitoredProducer::setBufferCount(int bufferCount) {
return mProducer->setBufferCount(bufferCount);
status_t MonitoredProducer::dequeueBuffer(int* slot, sp<Fence>* fence,
bool async, uint32_t w, uint32_t h, PixelFormat format, uint32_t usage) {
return mProducer->dequeueBuffer(slot, fence, async, w, h, format, usage);
status_t MonitoredProducer::detachBuffer(int slot) {
return mProducer->detachBuffer(slot);
status_t MonitoredProducer::detachNextBuffer(sp<GraphicBuffer>* outBuffer,
sp<Fence>* outFence) {
return mProducer->detachNextBuffer(outBuffer, outFence);
status_t MonitoredProducer::attachBuffer(int* outSlot,
const sp<GraphicBuffer>& buffer) {
return mProducer->attachBuffer(outSlot, buffer);
status_t MonitoredProducer::queueBuffer(int slot, const QueueBufferInput& input,
QueueBufferOutput* output) {
return mProducer->queueBuffer(slot, input, output);
void MonitoredProducer::cancelBuffer(int slot, const sp<Fence>& fence) {
mProducer->cancelBuffer(slot, fence);
int MonitoredProducer::query(int what, int* value) {
return mProducer->query(what, value);
status_t MonitoredProducer::connect(const sp<IProducerListener>& listener,
int api, bool producerControlledByApp, QueueBufferOutput* output) {
return mProducer->connect(listener, api, producerControlledByApp, output);
status_t MonitoredProducer::disconnect(int api) {
return mProducer->disconnect(api);
status_t MonitoredProducer::setSidebandStream(const sp<NativeHandle>& stream) {
return mProducer->setSidebandStream(stream);
void MonitoredProducer::allocateBuffers(bool async, uint32_t width,
uint32_t height, PixelFormat format, uint32_t usage) {
mProducer->allocateBuffers(async, width, height, format, usage);
status_t MonitoredProducer::allowAllocation(bool allow) {
return mProducer->allowAllocation(allow);
status_t MonitoredProducer::setGenerationNumber(uint32_t generationNumber) {
return mProducer->setGenerationNumber(generationNumber);
String8 MonitoredProducer::getConsumerName() const {
return mProducer->getConsumerName();
IBinder* MonitoredProducer::onAsBinder() {
return IInterface::asBinder(mProducer).get();
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
}; // namespace android