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#include "EvdevInjector.h"
#include "VirtualTouchpad.h"
namespace android {
namespace dvr {
class EvdevInjector;
// VirtualTouchpadEvdev implements a VirtualTouchpad by injecting evdev events.
class VirtualTouchpadEvdev : public VirtualTouchpad {
static std::unique_ptr<VirtualTouchpad> Create();
~VirtualTouchpadEvdev() override {}
// VirtualTouchpad implementation:
status_t Attach() override;
status_t Detach() override;
status_t Touch(int touchpad, float x, float y, float pressure) override;
status_t ButtonState(int touchpad, int buttons) override;
void dumpInternal(String8& result) override;
static constexpr int kTouchpads = 2;
VirtualTouchpadEvdev() {}
void Reset();
// Must be called only between construction (or Detach()) and Attach().
inline void SetEvdevInjectorForTesting(int touchpad,
EvdevInjector* injector) {
touchpad_[touchpad].injector = injector;
// Per-touchpad state.
struct Touchpad {
// Except for testing, the |EvdevInjector| used to inject evdev events.
std::unique_ptr<EvdevInjector> owned_injector;
// Active pointer to |owned_injector_| or to a testing injector.
EvdevInjector* injector = nullptr;
// Previous (x, y) position in device space, to suppress redundant events.
int32_t last_device_x;
int32_t last_device_y;
// Records current touch state (0=up 1=down) in bit 0, and previous state
// in bit 1, to track transitions.
int touches;
// Previous injected button state, to detect changes.
int32_t last_motion_event_buttons;
Touchpad touchpad_[kTouchpads];
VirtualTouchpadEvdev(const VirtualTouchpadEvdev&) = delete;
void operator=(const VirtualTouchpadEvdev&) = delete;
} // namespace dvr
} // namespace android