dumpstate: add logcat -b all -S

(cherry pick from commit e3c4df96083231b519dad919fd0ed6624100b368)

- For those that are proud to call themselves logspam police
- Every time someone declares that something is too chatty, or that
  they lost their logs because they were declared too chatty and
  their associated logs were aggresively pruned we generally
  ask them to report the logger statistics to pinpoint what software
  product that is the elephant in the room.
- Every time we want to spawn a new 'stop being so spammy' bug spawned
  off a bugreport collected for another purpose, we *wish* we had the
  logger statistics to help add gravitas to the claim that some piece
  of software is the top, or near the top, polluter.

Bug: 22351810
Change-Id: Ifae33cd21d0ae2917a3b4381502d723725b1701c
diff --git a/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c b/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
index 1d9e6b8..ef8db06 100644
--- a/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
+++ b/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
@@ -348,6 +348,8 @@
     run_command("RADIO LOG", timeout / 1000, "logcat", "-b", "radio", "-v", "threadtime", "-d", "*:v", NULL);
+    run_command("LOG STATISTICS", 10, "logcat", "-b", "all", "-S", NULL);
     /* show the traces we collected in main(), if that was done */
     if (dump_traces_path != NULL) {
         dump_file("VM TRACES JUST NOW", dump_traces_path);