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* Copyright 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <android-base/unique_fd.h>
#include <android/frameworks/vr/composer/1.0/IVrComposerClient.h>
#include <android/hardware/graphics/composer/2.1/IComposer.h>
#include <composer-hal/2.1/ComposerHal.h>
#include <private/dvr/vsync_service.h>
#include <ui/Fence.h>
#include <ui/GraphicBuffer.h>
#include <utils/StrongPointer.h>
#include <mutex>
#include <unordered_map>
using namespace android::frameworks::vr::composer::V1_0;
using namespace android::hardware::graphics::common::V1_0;
using namespace android::hardware::graphics::composer::V2_1;
using android::hardware::hidl_handle;
using android::hardware::hidl_string;
using android::hardware::hidl_vec;
using android::hardware::Return;
using android::hardware::Void;
namespace android {
class Fence;
namespace dvr {
class VrComposerClient;
using android::hardware::graphics::common::V1_0::PixelFormat;
using android::hardware::graphics::composer::V2_1::hal::ComposerHal;
class ComposerView {
struct ComposerLayer {
using Recti = hardware::graphics::composer::V2_1::IComposerClient::Rect;
using Rectf = hardware::graphics::composer::V2_1::IComposerClient::FRect;
using BlendMode =
Layer id;
sp<GraphicBuffer> buffer;
sp<Fence> fence;
Recti display_frame;
Rectf crop;
BlendMode blend_mode;
float alpha;
uint32_t type;
uint32_t app_id;
uint32_t z_order;
int32_t cursor_x;
int32_t cursor_y;
IComposerClient::Color color;
int32_t dataspace;
int32_t transform;
std::vector<hwc_rect_t> visible_regions;
std::vector<hwc_rect_t> damaged_regions;
struct Frame {
Display display_id;
// This is set to true to notify the upper layer that the display is
// being removed, or left false in the case of a normal frame. The upper
// layer tracks display IDs and will handle new ones showing up.
bool removed = false;
int32_t display_width;
int32_t display_height;
Config active_config;
ColorMode color_mode;
IComposerClient::PowerMode power_mode;
IComposerClient::Vsync vsync_enabled;
float color_transform[16];
int32_t color_transform_hint;
std::vector<ComposerLayer> layers;
class Observer {
virtual ~Observer() {}
// Returns a list of layers that need to be shown together. Layers are
// returned in z-order, with the lowest layer first.
virtual base::unique_fd OnNewFrame(const Frame& frame) = 0;
virtual ~ComposerView() {}
virtual void ForceDisplaysRefresh() = 0;
virtual void RegisterObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
virtual void UnregisterObserver(Observer* observer) = 0;
struct HwcLayer {
using Composition =
explicit HwcLayer(Layer new_id) { = new_id; }
void dumpDebugInfo(std::string* result) const;
Composition composition_type;
ComposerView::ComposerLayer info;
IVrComposerClient::BufferMetadata buffer_metadata;
class HwcDisplay {
HwcDisplay(int32_t width, int32_t height);
int32_t width() const { return width_; }
int32_t height() const { return height_; }
HwcLayer* CreateLayer();
bool DestroyLayer(Layer id);
HwcLayer* GetLayer(Layer id);
bool SetClientTarget(const native_handle_t* handle, base::unique_fd fence);
void SetClientTargetMetadata(
const IVrComposerClient::BufferMetadata& metadata);
void GetChangedCompositionTypes(
std::vector<Layer>* layer_ids,
std::vector<IComposerClient::Composition>* composition);
Error GetFrame(std::vector<ComposerView::ComposerLayer>* out_frame);
std::vector<Layer> UpdateLastFrameAndGetLastFrameLayers();
Config active_config() const { return active_config_; }
void set_active_config(Config config) { active_config_ = config; }
ColorMode color_mode() const { return color_mode_; }
void set_color_mode(ColorMode mode) { color_mode_ = mode; }
IComposerClient::PowerMode power_mode() const { return power_mode_; }
void set_power_mode(IComposerClient::PowerMode mode) { power_mode_ = mode; }
bool vsync_enabled() const { return vsync_enabled_; }
void set_vsync_enabled(bool vsync) {vsync_enabled_ = vsync;}
const float* color_transform() const { return color_transform_; }
int32_t color_transform_hint() const { return color_transform_hint_; }
void SetColorTransform(const float* matrix, int32_t hint);
void dumpDebugInfo(std::string* result) const;
// The client target buffer and the associated fence.
sp<GraphicBuffer> buffer_;
IVrComposerClient::BufferMetadata buffer_metadata_;
sp<Fence> fence_;
// List of currently active layers.
std::vector<HwcLayer> layers_;
std::vector<Layer> last_frame_layers_ids_;
// Layer ID generator.
uint64_t layer_ids_ = 1;
int32_t width_;
int32_t height_;
Config active_config_;
ColorMode color_mode_;
IComposerClient::PowerMode power_mode_;
bool vsync_enabled_ = false;
float color_transform_[16];
int32_t color_transform_hint_;
HwcDisplay(const HwcDisplay&) = delete;
void operator=(const HwcDisplay&) = delete;
class VrHwc : public IComposer, public ComposerHal, public ComposerView {
~VrHwc() override;
Error setLayerInfo(Display display, Layer layer, uint32_t type,
uint32_t appId);
Error setClientTargetMetadata(
Display display, const IVrComposerClient::BufferMetadata& metadata);
Error setLayerBufferMetadata(
Display display, Layer layer,
const IVrComposerClient::BufferMetadata& metadata);
// ComposerHal
bool hasCapability(hwc2_capability_t capability) override;
std::string dumpDebugInfo() override { return {}; }
void registerEventCallback(EventCallback* callback) override;
void unregisterEventCallback() override;
uint32_t getMaxVirtualDisplayCount() override;
Error createVirtualDisplay(uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
PixelFormat* format, Display* outDisplay) override;
Error destroyVirtualDisplay(Display display) override;
Error createLayer(Display display, Layer* outLayer) override;
Error destroyLayer(Display display, Layer layer) override;
Error getActiveConfig(Display display, Config* outConfig) override;
Error getClientTargetSupport(Display display,
uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
PixelFormat format, Dataspace dataspace) override;
Error getColorModes(Display display, hidl_vec<ColorMode>* outModes) override;
Error getDisplayAttribute(Display display, Config config,
IComposerClient::Attribute attribute, int32_t* outValue) override;
Error getDisplayConfigs(Display display, hidl_vec<Config>* outConfigs) override;
Error getDisplayName(Display display, hidl_string* outName) override;
Error getDisplayType(Display display,
IComposerClient::DisplayType* outType) override;
Error getDozeSupport(Display display, bool* outSupport) override;
Error getHdrCapabilities(Display display, hidl_vec<Hdr>* outTypes,
float* outMaxLuminance, float* outMaxAverageLuminance,
float* outMinLuminance) override;
Error setActiveConfig(Display display, Config config) override;
Error setColorMode(Display display, ColorMode mode) override;
Error setPowerMode(Display display, IComposerClient::PowerMode mode) override;
Error setVsyncEnabled(Display display, IComposerClient::Vsync enabled) override;
Error setColorTransform(Display display, const float* matrix,
int32_t hint) override;
Error setClientTarget(Display display, buffer_handle_t target,
int32_t acquireFence, int32_t dataspace,
const std::vector<hwc_rect_t>& damage) override;
Error setOutputBuffer(Display display, buffer_handle_t buffer,
int32_t releaseFence) override;
Error validateDisplay(Display display,
std::vector<Layer>* outChangedLayers,
std::vector<IComposerClient::Composition>* outCompositionTypes,
uint32_t* outDisplayRequestMask,
std::vector<Layer>* outRequestedLayers,
std::vector<uint32_t>* outRequestMasks) override;
Error acceptDisplayChanges(Display display) override;
Error presentDisplay(Display display, int32_t* outPresentFence,
std::vector<Layer>* outLayers,
std::vector<int32_t>* outReleaseFences) override;
Error setLayerCursorPosition(Display display, Layer layer,
int32_t x, int32_t y) override;
Error setLayerBuffer(Display display, Layer layer,
buffer_handle_t buffer, int32_t acquireFence) override;
Error setLayerSurfaceDamage(Display display, Layer layer,
const std::vector<hwc_rect_t>& damage) override;
Error setLayerBlendMode(Display display, Layer layer, int32_t mode) override;
Error setLayerColor(Display display, Layer layer,
IComposerClient::Color color) override;
Error setLayerCompositionType(Display display, Layer layer,
int32_t type) override;
Error setLayerDataspace(Display display, Layer layer,
int32_t dataspace) override;
Error setLayerDisplayFrame(Display display, Layer layer,
const hwc_rect_t& frame) override;
Error setLayerPlaneAlpha(Display display, Layer layer, float alpha) override;
Error setLayerSidebandStream(Display display, Layer layer,
buffer_handle_t stream) override;
Error setLayerSourceCrop(Display display, Layer layer,
const hwc_frect_t& crop) override;
Error setLayerTransform(Display display, Layer layer,
int32_t transform) override;
Error setLayerVisibleRegion(Display display, Layer layer,
const std::vector<hwc_rect_t>& visible) override;
Error setLayerZOrder(Display display, Layer layer, uint32_t z) override;
// IComposer:
Return<void> getCapabilities(getCapabilities_cb hidl_cb) override;
Return<void> dumpDebugInfo(dumpDebugInfo_cb hidl_cb) override;
Return<void> createClient(createClient_cb hidl_cb) override;
// ComposerView:
void ForceDisplaysRefresh() override;
void RegisterObserver(Observer* observer) override;
void UnregisterObserver(Observer* observer) override;
class VsyncCallback : public BnVsyncCallback {
status_t onVsync(int64_t vsync_timestamp) override;
void SetEventCallback(EventCallback* callback);
std::mutex mutex_;
EventCallback* callback_;
HwcDisplay* FindDisplay(Display display);
// Re-evaluate whether or not we should start making onVsync() callbacks to
// the client. We need enableCallback(true) to have been called, and
// setVsyncEnabled() to have been called for the primary display. The caller
// must have mutex_ locked already.
void UpdateVsyncCallbackEnabledLocked();
wp<VrComposerClient> client_;
// Guard access to internal state from binder threads.
std::mutex mutex_;
std::unordered_map<Display, std::unique_ptr<HwcDisplay>> displays_;
Display display_count_ = 2;
EventCallback* event_callback_ = nullptr;
Observer* observer_ = nullptr;
sp<VsyncCallback> vsync_callback_;
VrHwc(const VrHwc&) = delete;
void operator=(const VrHwc&) = delete;
} // namespace dvr
} // namespace android