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* Copyright 2017 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <graphicsenv/GpuStatsInfo.h>
#include <mutex>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
struct android_namespace_t;
namespace android {
struct NativeLoaderNamespace;
class GraphicsEnv {
static GraphicsEnv& getInstance();
// Check if the process is debuggable. It returns false except in any of the
// following circumstances:
// 1. ro.debuggable=1 (global debuggable enabled).
// 2. android:debuggable="true" in the manifest for an individual app.
// 3. An app which explicitly calls prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE, 1).
// 4. GraphicsEnv calls prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE, 1) in the presence of
// <meta-data android:name=""
// android:value="true"/>
// in the application manifest.
bool isDebuggable();
* Apis for updatable driver
// Set a search path for loading graphics drivers. The path is a list of
// directories separated by ':'. A directory can be contained in a zip file
// (drivers must be stored uncompressed and page aligned); such elements
// in the search path must have a '!' after the zip filename, e.g.
// /data/app/com.example.driver/base.apk!/lib/arm64-v8a
// Also set additional required sphal libraries to the linker for loading
// graphics drivers. The string is a list of libraries separated by ':',
// which is required by android_link_namespaces.
void setDriverPathAndSphalLibraries(const std::string path, const std::string sphalLibraries);
// Get the updatable driver namespace.
android_namespace_t* getDriverNamespace();
std::string getDriverPath() const;
* Apis for GpuStats
// Hint there's real activity launching on the app process.
void hintActivityLaunch();
// Set the initial GpuStats.
void setGpuStats(const std::string& driverPackageName, const std::string& driverVersionName,
uint64_t versionCode, int64_t driverBuildTime,
const std::string& appPackageName, const int32_t vulkanVersion);
// Set stats for target GpuStatsInfo::Stats type.
void setTargetStats(const GpuStatsInfo::Stats stats, const uint64_t value = 0);
// Set which driver is intended to load.
void setDriverToLoad(GpuStatsInfo::Driver driver);
// Set which driver is actually loaded.
void setDriverLoaded(GpuStatsInfo::Api api, bool isDriverLoaded, int64_t driverLoadingTime);
* Api for Vk/GL layer injection. Presently, drivers enable certain
* profiling features when prctl(PR_GET_DUMPABLE) returns true.
* Calling this when layer injection metadata is present allows the driver
* to enable profiling even when in a non-debuggable app
bool setInjectLayersPrSetDumpable();
* Apis for ANGLE
// Check if the requested app should use ANGLE.
bool shouldUseAngle(std::string appName);
// Check if this app process should use ANGLE.
bool shouldUseAngle();
// Set a search path for loading ANGLE libraries. The path is a list of
// directories separated by ':'. A directory can be contained in a zip file
// (libraries must be stored uncompressed and page aligned); such elements
// in the search path must have a '!' after the zip filename, e.g.
// /system/app/ANGLEPrebuilt/ANGLEPrebuilt.apk!/lib/arm64-v8a
void setAngleInfo(const std::string path, const std::string appName, std::string devOptIn,
const int rulesFd, const long rulesOffset, const long rulesLength);
// Get the ANGLE driver namespace.
android_namespace_t* getAngleNamespace();
// Get the app name for ANGLE debug message.
std::string& getAngleAppName();
* Apis for debug layer
// Set additional layer search paths.
void setLayerPaths(NativeLoaderNamespace* appNamespace, const std::string layerPaths);
// Get the app namespace for loading layers.
NativeLoaderNamespace* getAppNamespace();
// Get additional layer search paths.
const std::string& getLayerPaths();
// Set the Vulkan debug layers.
void setDebugLayers(const std::string layers);
// Set the GL debug layers.
void setDebugLayersGLES(const std::string layers);
// Get the debug layers to load.
const std::string& getDebugLayers();
// Get the debug layers to load.
const std::string& getDebugLayersGLES();
enum UseAngle { UNKNOWN, YES, NO };
// Load requested ANGLE library.
void* loadLibrary(std::string name);
// Check ANGLE support with the rules.
bool checkAngleRules(void* so);
// Update whether ANGLE should be used.
void updateUseAngle();
// Link updatable driver namespace with llndk and vndk-sp libs.
bool linkDriverNamespaceLocked(android_namespace_t* vndkNamespace);
// Check whether this process is ready to send stats.
bool readyToSendGpuStatsLocked();
// Send the initial complete GpuStats to GpuService.
void sendGpuStatsLocked(GpuStatsInfo::Api api, bool isDriverLoaded, int64_t driverLoadingTime);
GraphicsEnv() = default;
// Path to updatable driver libs.
std::string mDriverPath;
// Path to additional sphal libs linked to updatable driver namespace.
std::string mSphalLibraries;
// This mutex protects mGpuStats and get gpuservice call.
std::mutex mStatsLock;
// Cache the activity launch info
bool mActivityLaunched = false;
// Information bookkept for GpuStats.
GpuStatsInfo mGpuStats;
// Path to ANGLE libs.
std::string mAnglePath;
// This App's name.
std::string mAngleAppName;
// ANGLE developer opt in status.
std::string mAngleDeveloperOptIn;
// ANGLE rules.
std::vector<char> mRulesBuffer;
// Use ANGLE flag.
UseAngle mUseAngle = UNKNOWN;
// Vulkan debug layers libs.
std::string mDebugLayers;
// GL debug layers libs.
std::string mDebugLayersGLES;
// Additional debug layers search path.
std::string mLayerPaths;
// This mutex protects the namespace creation.
std::mutex mNamespaceMutex;
// Updatable driver namespace.
android_namespace_t* mDriverNamespace = nullptr;
// ANGLE namespace.
android_namespace_t* mAngleNamespace = nullptr;
// This App's namespace.
NativeLoaderNamespace* mAppNamespace = nullptr;
} // namespace android