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* Copyright (C) 2018 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "BufferLayer.h"
#include "Layer.h"
#include <renderengine/Image.h>
#include <renderengine/RenderEngine.h>
#include <system/window.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include <stack>
namespace android {
class SlotGenerationTest;
class BufferStateLayer : public BufferLayer {
explicit BufferStateLayer(const LayerCreationArgs&);
~BufferStateLayer() override;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Interface implementation for Layer
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
const char* getType() const override { return "BufferStateLayer"; }
void onLayerDisplayed(const sp<Fence>& releaseFence) override;
void releasePendingBuffer(nsecs_t dequeueReadyTime) override;
void finalizeFrameEventHistory(const std::shared_ptr<FenceTime>& glDoneFence,
const CompositorTiming& compositorTiming) override;
bool shouldPresentNow(nsecs_t expectedPresentTime) const override;
uint32_t doTransactionResize(uint32_t flags, Layer::State* /*stateToCommit*/) override {
return flags;
/*TODO:vhau return to using BufferStateLayer override once WM
* has removed deferred transactions!
void pushPendingState() override;*/
bool applyPendingStates(Layer::State* stateToCommit) override;
uint32_t getActiveWidth(const Layer::State& s) const override { return; }
uint32_t getActiveHeight(const Layer::State& s) const override { return; }
ui::Transform getActiveTransform(const Layer::State& s) const override {
Region getActiveTransparentRegion(const Layer::State& s) const override {
return s.transparentRegionHint;
Rect getCrop(const Layer::State& s) const;
bool setTransform(uint32_t transform) override;
bool setTransformToDisplayInverse(bool transformToDisplayInverse) override;
bool setCrop(const Rect& crop) override;
bool setFrame(const Rect& frame) override;
bool setBuffer(const sp<GraphicBuffer>& buffer, const sp<Fence>& acquireFence, nsecs_t postTime,
nsecs_t desiredPresentTime, const client_cache_t& clientCacheId) override;
bool setAcquireFence(const sp<Fence>& fence) override;
bool setDataspace(ui::Dataspace dataspace) override;
bool setHdrMetadata(const HdrMetadata& hdrMetadata) override;
bool setSurfaceDamageRegion(const Region& surfaceDamage) override;
bool setApi(int32_t api) override;
bool setSidebandStream(const sp<NativeHandle>& sidebandStream) override;
bool setTransactionCompletedListeners(const std::vector<sp<CallbackHandle>>& handles) override;
void forceSendCallbacks() override;
bool addFrameEvent(const sp<Fence>& acquireFence, nsecs_t postedTime,
nsecs_t requestedPresentTime) override;
// Override to ignore legacy layer state properties that are not used by BufferStateLayer
bool setSize(uint32_t /*w*/, uint32_t /*h*/) override { return false; }
bool setPosition(float /*x*/, float /*y*/) override { return false; }
bool setTransparentRegionHint(const Region& transparent) override;
bool setMatrix(const layer_state_t::matrix22_t& /*matrix*/,
bool /*allowNonRectPreservingTransforms*/) override {
return false;
bool setCrop_legacy(const Rect& /*crop*/) override { return false; }
bool setOverrideScalingMode(int32_t /*overrideScalingMode*/) override { return false; }
void deferTransactionUntil_legacy(const sp<IBinder>& /*barrierHandle*/,
uint64_t /*frameNumber*/) override {}
void deferTransactionUntil_legacy(const sp<Layer>& /*barrierLayer*/,
uint64_t /*frameNumber*/) override {}
Rect getBufferSize(const State& s) const override;
FloatRect computeSourceBounds(const FloatRect& parentBounds) const override;
Layer::RoundedCornerState getRoundedCornerState() const override;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Interface implementation for BufferLayer
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
bool fenceHasSignaled() const override;
bool framePresentTimeIsCurrent(nsecs_t expectedPresentTime) const override;
bool onPreComposition(nsecs_t refreshStartTime) override;
void gatherBufferInfo() override;
uint64_t getHeadFrameNumber(nsecs_t expectedPresentTime) const;
bool updateFrameEventHistory(const sp<Fence>& acquireFence, nsecs_t postedTime,
nsecs_t requestedPresentTime);
uint64_t getFrameNumber(nsecs_t expectedPresentTime) const override;
bool getAutoRefresh() const override;
bool getSidebandStreamChanged() const override;
bool latchSidebandStream(bool& recomputeVisibleRegions) override;
bool hasFrameUpdate() const override;
status_t bindTextureImage() override;
status_t updateTexImage(bool& recomputeVisibleRegions, nsecs_t latchTime,
nsecs_t expectedPresentTime) override;
status_t updateActiveBuffer() override;
status_t updateFrameNumber(nsecs_t latchTime) override;
sp<Layer> createClone() override;
// Crop that applies to the buffer
Rect computeCrop(const State& s);
friend class SlotGenerationTest;
bool willPresentCurrentTransaction() const;
static const std::array<float, 16> IDENTITY_MATRIX;
std::unique_ptr<renderengine::Image> mTextureImage;
std::atomic<bool> mSidebandStreamChanged{false};
mutable uint64_t mFrameNumber{0};
uint64_t mFrameCounter{0};
sp<Fence> mPreviousReleaseFence;
uint64_t mPreviousBufferId = 0;
uint64_t mPreviousReleasedFrameNumber = 0;
mutable bool mCurrentStateModified = false;
bool mReleasePreviousBuffer = false;
nsecs_t mCallbackHandleAcquireTime = -1;
// TODO(marissaw): support sticky transform for LEGACY camera mode
class HwcSlotGenerator : public ClientCache::ErasedRecipient {
HwcSlotGenerator() {
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < BufferQueue::NUM_BUFFER_SLOTS; i++) {
void bufferErased(const client_cache_t& clientCacheId);
uint32_t getHwcCacheSlot(const client_cache_t& clientCacheId);
friend class SlotGenerationTest;
uint32_t addCachedBuffer(const client_cache_t& clientCacheId) REQUIRES(mMutex);
uint32_t getFreeHwcCacheSlot() REQUIRES(mMutex);
void evictLeastRecentlyUsed() REQUIRES(mMutex);
void eraseBufferLocked(const client_cache_t& clientCacheId) REQUIRES(mMutex);
struct CachedBufferHash {
std::size_t operator()(const client_cache_t& clientCacheId) const {
return std::hash<uint64_t>{}(;
std::mutex mMutex;
std::pair<uint32_t /*HwcCacheSlot*/, uint32_t /*counter*/>,
mCachedBuffers GUARDED_BY(mMutex);
std::stack<uint32_t /*HwcCacheSlot*/> mFreeHwcCacheSlots GUARDED_BY(mMutex);
// The cache increments this counter value when a slot is updated or used.
// Used to track the least recently-used buffer
uint64_t mCounter = 0;
sp<HwcSlotGenerator> mHwcSlotGenerator;
} // namespace android