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* Copyright 2013 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <memory>
#include <android-base/unique_fd.h>
#include <math/mat4.h>
#include <renderengine/DisplaySettings.h>
#include <renderengine/Framebuffer.h>
#include <renderengine/Image.h>
#include <renderengine/LayerSettings.h>
#include <ui/GraphicTypes.h>
#include <ui/Transform.h>
* Allows to set RenderEngine backend to GLES (default) or Vulkan (NOT yet supported).
#define PROPERTY_DEBUG_RENDERENGINE_BACKEND "debug.renderengine.backend"
struct ANativeWindowBuffer;
namespace android {
class Rect;
class Region;
namespace renderengine {
class BindNativeBufferAsFramebuffer;
class Image;
class Mesh;
class Texture;
struct RenderEngineCreationArgs;
namespace impl {
class RenderEngine;
enum class Protection {
class RenderEngine {
enum class ContextPriority {
LOW = 1,
HIGH = 3,
static std::unique_ptr<impl::RenderEngine> create(const RenderEngineCreationArgs& args);
virtual ~RenderEngine() = 0;
// This interface, while still in use until a suitable replacement is built,
// should be considered deprecated, minus some methods which still may be
// used to support legacy behavior.
virtual void primeCache() const = 0;
// dump the extension strings. always call the base class.
virtual void dump(std::string& result) = 0;
virtual bool useNativeFenceSync() const = 0;
virtual bool useWaitSync() const = 0;
virtual void genTextures(size_t count, uint32_t* names) = 0;
virtual void deleteTextures(size_t count, uint32_t const* names) = 0;
virtual void bindExternalTextureImage(uint32_t texName, const Image& image) = 0;
// Legacy public method used by devices that don't support native fence
// synchronization in their GPU driver, as this method provides implicit
// synchronization for latching buffers.
virtual status_t bindExternalTextureBuffer(uint32_t texName, const sp<GraphicBuffer>& buffer,
const sp<Fence>& fence) = 0;
// Caches Image resources for this buffer, but does not bind the buffer to
// a particular texture.
// Note that work is deferred to an additional thread, i.e. this call
// is made asynchronously, but the caller can expect that cache/unbind calls
// are performed in a manner that's conflict serializable, i.e. unbinding
// a buffer should never occur before binding the buffer if the caller
// called {bind, cache}ExternalTextureBuffer before calling unbind.
virtual void cacheExternalTextureBuffer(const sp<GraphicBuffer>& buffer) = 0;
// Removes internal resources referenced by the bufferId. This method should be
// invoked when the caller will no longer hold a reference to a GraphicBuffer
// and needs to clean up its resources.
// Note that work is deferred to an additional thread, i.e. this call
// is made asynchronously, but the caller can expect that cache/unbind calls
// are performed in a manner that's conflict serializable, i.e. unbinding
// a buffer should never occur before binding the buffer if the caller
// called {bind, cache}ExternalTextureBuffer before calling unbind.
virtual void unbindExternalTextureBuffer(uint64_t bufferId) = 0;
// When binding a native buffer, it must be done before setViewportAndProjection
// Returns NO_ERROR when binds successfully, NO_MEMORY when there's no memory for allocation.
virtual status_t bindFrameBuffer(Framebuffer* framebuffer) = 0;
virtual void unbindFrameBuffer(Framebuffer* framebuffer) = 0;
enum class CleanupMode {
// Clean-up method that should be called on the main thread after the
// drawFence returned by drawLayers fires. This method will free up
// resources used by the most recently drawn frame. If the frame is still
// being drawn, then this call is silently ignored.
// If mode is CLEAN_OUTPUT_RESOURCES, then only resources related to the
// output framebuffer are cleaned up, including the sibling texture.
// If mode is CLEAN_ALL, then we also cleanup resources related to any input
// buffers.
// Returns true if resources were cleaned up, and false if we didn't need to
// do any work.
virtual bool cleanupPostRender(CleanupMode mode = CleanupMode::CLEAN_OUTPUT_RESOURCES) = 0;
// queries
virtual size_t getMaxTextureSize() const = 0;
virtual size_t getMaxViewportDims() const = 0;
// ----- BEGIN NEW INTERFACE -----
virtual bool isProtected() const = 0;
virtual bool supportsProtectedContent() const = 0;
virtual bool useProtectedContext(bool useProtectedContext) = 0;
// Renders layers for a particular display via GPU composition. This method
// should be called for every display that needs to be rendered via the GPU.
// @param display The display-wide settings that should be applied prior to
// drawing any layers.
// Assumptions when calling this method:
// 1. There is exactly one caller - i.e. multi-threading is not supported.
// 2. Additional threads may be calling the {bind,cache}ExternalTexture
// methods above. But the main thread is responsible for holding resources
// such that Image destruction does not occur while this method is called.
// TODO(b/136806342): This should behavior should ideally be fixed since
// the above two assumptions are brittle, as conditional thread safetyness
// may be insufficient when maximizing rendering performance in the future.
// @param layers The layers to draw onto the display, in Z-order.
// @param buffer The buffer which will be drawn to. This buffer will be
// ready once drawFence fires.
// @param useFramebufferCache True if the framebuffer cache should be used.
// If an implementation does not cache output framebuffers, then this
// parameter does nothing.
// @param bufferFence Fence signalling that the buffer is ready to be drawn
// to.
// @param drawFence A pointer to a fence, which will fire when the buffer
// has been drawn to and is ready to be examined. The fence will be
// initialized by this method. The caller will be responsible for owning the
// fence.
// @return An error code indicating whether drawing was successful. For
// now, this always returns NO_ERROR.
virtual status_t drawLayers(const DisplaySettings& display,
const std::vector<const LayerSettings*>& layers,
ANativeWindowBuffer* buffer, const bool useFramebufferCache,
base::unique_fd&& bufferFence, base::unique_fd* drawFence) = 0;
// Gets a framebuffer to render to. This framebuffer may or may not be
// cached depending on the implementation.
// Note that this method does not transfer ownership, so the caller most not
// live longer than RenderEngine.
virtual Framebuffer* getFramebufferForDrawing() = 0;
friend class BindNativeBufferAsFramebuffer;
struct RenderEngineCreationArgs {
int pixelFormat;
uint32_t imageCacheSize;
bool useColorManagement;
bool enableProtectedContext;
bool precacheToneMapperShaderOnly;
bool supportsBackgroundBlur;
RenderEngine::ContextPriority contextPriority;
struct Builder;
// must be created by Builder via constructor with full argument list
int _pixelFormat,
uint32_t _imageCacheSize,
bool _useColorManagement,
bool _enableProtectedContext,
bool _precacheToneMapperShaderOnly,
bool _supportsBackgroundBlur,
RenderEngine::ContextPriority _contextPriority)
: pixelFormat(_pixelFormat)
, imageCacheSize(_imageCacheSize)
, useColorManagement(_useColorManagement)
, enableProtectedContext(_enableProtectedContext)
, precacheToneMapperShaderOnly(_precacheToneMapperShaderOnly)
, supportsBackgroundBlur(_supportsBackgroundBlur)
, contextPriority(_contextPriority) {}
RenderEngineCreationArgs() = delete;
struct RenderEngineCreationArgs::Builder {
Builder() {}
Builder& setPixelFormat(int pixelFormat) {
this->pixelFormat = pixelFormat;
return *this;
Builder& setImageCacheSize(uint32_t imageCacheSize) {
this->imageCacheSize = imageCacheSize;
return *this;
Builder& setUseColorManagerment(bool useColorManagement) {
this->useColorManagement = useColorManagement;
return *this;
Builder& setEnableProtectedContext(bool enableProtectedContext) {
this->enableProtectedContext = enableProtectedContext;
return *this;
Builder& setPrecacheToneMapperShaderOnly(bool precacheToneMapperShaderOnly) {
this->precacheToneMapperShaderOnly = precacheToneMapperShaderOnly;
return *this;
Builder& setSupportsBackgroundBlur(bool supportsBackgroundBlur) {
this->supportsBackgroundBlur = supportsBackgroundBlur;
return *this;
Builder& setContextPriority(RenderEngine::ContextPriority contextPriority) {
this->contextPriority = contextPriority;
return *this;
RenderEngineCreationArgs build() const {
return RenderEngineCreationArgs(pixelFormat, imageCacheSize, useColorManagement,
enableProtectedContext, precacheToneMapperShaderOnly,
supportsBackgroundBlur, contextPriority);
// 1 means RGBA_8888
int pixelFormat = 1;
uint32_t imageCacheSize = 0;
bool useColorManagement = true;
bool enableProtectedContext = false;
bool precacheToneMapperShaderOnly = false;
bool supportsBackgroundBlur = false;
RenderEngine::ContextPriority contextPriority = RenderEngine::ContextPriority::MEDIUM;
class BindNativeBufferAsFramebuffer {
BindNativeBufferAsFramebuffer(RenderEngine& engine, ANativeWindowBuffer* buffer,
const bool useFramebufferCache)
: mEngine(engine), mFramebuffer(mEngine.getFramebufferForDrawing()), mStatus(NO_ERROR) {
mStatus = mFramebuffer->setNativeWindowBuffer(buffer, mEngine.isProtected(),
? mEngine.bindFrameBuffer(mFramebuffer)
~BindNativeBufferAsFramebuffer() {
mFramebuffer->setNativeWindowBuffer(nullptr, false, /*arbitrary*/ true);
status_t getStatus() const { return mStatus; }
RenderEngine& mEngine;
Framebuffer* mFramebuffer;
status_t mStatus;
namespace impl {
// impl::RenderEngine contains common implementation that is graphics back-end agnostic.
class RenderEngine : public renderengine::RenderEngine {
virtual ~RenderEngine() = 0;
bool useNativeFenceSync() const override;
bool useWaitSync() const override;
RenderEngine(const RenderEngineCreationArgs& args);
const RenderEngineCreationArgs mArgs;
} // namespace impl
} // namespace renderengine
} // namespace android
#endif /* SF_RENDERENGINE_H_ */