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#include <pdx/service.h>
#include <pdx/status.h>
#include <private/dvr/display_protocol.h>
#include "display_service.h"
namespace android {
namespace dvr {
class DisplayManagerService;
// The display manager is a client of the display manager service. This class
// represents the connected client that the display manager service sends
// notifications to.
class DisplayManager : public pdx::Channel {
DisplayManager(DisplayManagerService* service, int channel_id)
: service_(service), channel_id_(channel_id) {}
int channel_id() const { return channel_id_; }
// Sets or clears the channel event mask to indicate pending events that the
// display manager on the other end of the channel should read and handle.
// When |pending| is true the POLLIN bit is set in the event mask; when
// |pending| is false the POLLIN bit is cleared in the event mask.
void SetNotificationsPending(bool pending);
DisplayManager(const DisplayManager&) = delete;
void operator=(const DisplayManager&) = delete;
DisplayManagerService* service_;
int channel_id_;
// The display manager service marshalls state and events from the display
// service to the display manager.
class DisplayManagerService : public pdx::ServiceBase<DisplayManagerService> {
std::shared_ptr<pdx::Channel> OnChannelOpen(pdx::Message& message) override;
void OnChannelClose(pdx::Message& message,
const std::shared_ptr<pdx::Channel>& channel) override;
pdx::Status<void> HandleMessage(pdx::Message& message) override;
friend BASE;
explicit DisplayManagerService(
const std::shared_ptr<DisplayService>& display_service);
pdx::Status<std::vector<display::SurfaceState>> OnGetSurfaceState(
pdx::Message& message);
pdx::Status<pdx::LocalChannelHandle> OnGetSurfaceQueue(pdx::Message& message,
int surface_id,
int queue_id);
// Called by the display service to indicate changes to display surfaces that
// the display manager should evaluate.
void OnDisplaySurfaceChange();
DisplayManagerService(const DisplayManagerService&) = delete;
void operator=(const DisplayManagerService&) = delete;
std::shared_ptr<DisplayService> display_service_;
std::shared_ptr<DisplayManager> display_manager_;
} // namespace dvr
} // namespace android