fuchsia: Do not return error if client tries importing non-colorBuffer memory.

This matches the behavior with other Vulkan device drivers on
Fuchsia, where importing a read-only host memory VMO into
Vulkan driver doesn't work, while it is not considered as an
error if trying to do so. Vulkan driver could return a
VkMemoryZirconHandlePropertiesFUCHSIA with memoryTypeBits of 0
indicating that the DeviceMemory cannot be allocated.

TEST=gfx_unittests on FEMU

Change-Id: I38efd07cbc50822517bccf1190cfabee4ee0d963
diff --git a/system/vulkan_enc/ResourceTracker.cpp b/system/vulkan_enc/ResourceTracker.cpp
index 09947a5..456764a 100644
--- a/system/vulkan_enc/ResourceTracker.cpp
+++ b/system/vulkan_enc/ResourceTracker.cpp
@@ -1788,9 +1788,14 @@
             // ColorBuffer/Buffer is created at sysmem allocation time.
             memoryProperty = MEMORY_PROPERTY_DEVICE_LOCAL;
         } else {
-            ALOGE("mControlDevice->GetBufferHandleInfo error: %d",
-                  result->result.err());
+            // Importing read-only host memory into the Vulkan driver should not
+            // work, but it is not an error to try to do so. Returning a
+            // VkMemoryZirconHandlePropertiesFUCHSIA with no available
+            // memoryType bits should be enough for clients. See fxbug.dev/24225
+            // for other issues this this flow.
+            ALOGW("GetBufferHandleInfo failed: %d", result->result.err());
+            pProperties->memoryTypeBits = 0;
+            return VK_SUCCESS;
         pProperties->memoryTypeBits = 0;