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import argparse
import hashlib
import json
import logging
import os
import sys
def cleanup_json(data):
"""Cleans up the json structure by removing empty "", and empty key value
if (isinstance(data, unicode)):
copy = data.strip()
return None if len(copy) == 0 else copy
if (isinstance(data, dict)):
copy = {}
for key, value in data.iteritems():
rem = cleanup_json(value)
if (rem is not None):
copy[key] = rem
return None if len(copy) == 0 else copy
if (isinstance(data, list)):
copy = []
for elem in data:
rem = cleanup_json(elem)
if (rem is not None):
if rem not in copy:
if len(copy) == 0:
return None
return copy
class AttrDict(dict):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(AttrDict, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.__dict__ = self
def as_list(self, name):
v = self.get(name, [])
if (isinstance(v, list)):
return v
return [v]
def remove_lib_prefix(module):
"""Removes the lib prefix, as we are not using them in CMake."""
if module.startswith('lib'):
return module[3:]
return module
def escape(msg):
"""Escapes the "."""
return '"' + msg.replace('"', '\\"') + '"'
def header():
"""The auto generate header."""
return [
'# This is an autogenerated file! Do not edit!',
'# instead run make from .../device/generic/goldfish-opengl',
'# which will re-generate this file.'
def checksum(fname):
"""Calculates a SHA256 digest of the given file name."""
m = hashlib.sha256()
with open(fname, 'r') as mk:
return m.hexdigest()
def generate_module(module):
"""Generates a cmake module."""
name = remove_lib_prefix(module['module'])
make = header()
mkfile = os.path.join(module['path'], '')
sha256 = checksum(mkfile)
'android_validate_sha256("${GOLDFISH_DEVICE_ROOT}/%s" "%s")' % (mkfile, sha256))
make.append('set(%s_src %s)' % (name, ' '.join(module['src'])))
if module['type'] == 'SHARED_LIBRARY':
make.append('android_add_library(TARGET {} SHARED LICENSE Apache-2.0 SRC {})'.format(name, ' '.join(module['src'])))
elif module['type'] == 'STATIC_LIBRARY':
make.append('android_add_library(TARGET {} LICENSE Apache-2.0 SRC {})'.format(name, ' '.join(module['src'])))
raise ValueError('Unexpected module type: %s' % module['type'])
# Fix up the includes.
includes = ['${GOLDFISH_DEVICE_ROOT}/' + s for s in module['includes']]
make.append('target_include_directories(%s PRIVATE %s)' %
(name, ' '.join(includes)))
# filter out definitions
defs = [escape(d) for d in module['cflags'] if d.startswith('-D')]
# And the remaining flags.
flags = [escape(d) for d in module['cflags'] if not d.startswith('-D')]
# Make sure we remove the lib prefix from all our dependencies.
libs = [remove_lib_prefix(l) for l in module.get('libs', [])]
staticlibs = [remove_lib_prefix(l) for l in
module.get('staticlibs', [])
if l != "libandroidemu"]
# Configure the target.
make.append('target_compile_definitions(%s PRIVATE %s)' %
(name, ' '.join(defs)))
make.append('target_compile_options(%s PRIVATE %s)' %
(name, ' '.join(flags)))
if len(staticlibs) > 0:
make.append('target_link_libraries(%s PRIVATE %s PRIVATE %s)' %
(name, ' '.join(libs), " ".join(staticlibs)))
make.append('target_link_libraries(%s PRIVATE %s)' %
(name, ' '.join(libs)))
return make
def main(argv=None):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Generates a set of cmake files'
'based up the js representation.'
'Use this to generate cmake files that can be consumed by the emulator build')
parser.add_argument('-i', '--input', dest='input', type=str, required=True,
help='json file containing the build tree')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose',
action='store_const', dest='loglevel',
const=logging.INFO, default=logging.ERROR,
help='Log what is happening')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--output',
dest='outdir', type=str, default=None,
help='Output directory for create CMakefile.txt')
parser.add_argument('-c', '--clean', dest='output', type=str,
help='Write out the cleaned up js')
args = parser.parse_args()
with open(args.input) as data_file:
data = json.load(data_file)
modules = cleanup_json(data)
# Write out cleaned up json, mainly useful for debugging etc.
if (args.output is not None):
with open(args.output, 'w') as out_file:
out_file.write(json.dumps(modules, indent=2))
# Location --> CMakeLists.txt
cmake = {}
# The root, it will basically just include all the generated files.
root = os.path.join(args.outdir, 'CMakeLists.txt')
mkfile = os.path.join(args.outdir, '')
sha256 = checksum(mkfile)
cmake[root] = header()
'android_validate_sha256("${GOLDFISH_DEVICE_ROOT}/%s" "%s")' % (mkfile, sha256))
# Generate the modules.
for module in modules:
location = os.path.join(args.outdir, module['path'], 'CMakeLists.txt')
# Make sure we handle the case where we have >2 modules in the same dir.
if location not in cmake:
cmake[root].append('add_subdirectory(%s)' % module['path'])
cmake[location] = []
# Write them to disk.
for (loc, cmklist) in cmake.iteritems():'Writing to %s', loc)
with open(loc, 'w') as fn:
if __name__ == '__main__':