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# Configuration for cmake-format (v0.4.1, circa Jul 2018)
# How wide to allow formatted cmake files
line_width = 132
# How many spaces to tab for indent
tab_size = 4
# If arglists are longer than this, break them always
max_subargs_per_line = 3
# If true, separate flow control names from their parentheses with a space
separate_ctrl_name_with_space = False
# If true, separate function names from parentheses with a space
separate_fn_name_with_space = False
# If a statement is wrapped to more than one line, than dangle the closing
# parenthesis on it's own line
dangle_parens = False
# What character to use for bulleted lists
bullet_char = u'*'
# What character to use as punctuation after numerals in an enumerated list
enum_char = u'.'
# What style line endings to use in the output.
line_ending = u'unix'
# Format command names consistently as 'lower' or 'upper' case
command_case = u'lower'