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Fuchsia <change_me> Driver Repository

<change_me: This repository is a template that we will use when creating new driver repositories for Fuchsia>.

Template repository is located in:

Getting Started

To perform an initial bootstrap, execute the following:

  1. In a terminal, clone the repository:

    git clone<change_me>
  2. Change to that directory:

    cd <change_me>
  3. Fetch all git submodules:

    git submodule init && git submodule update --recursive
  4. Bootstrap the build environment:

  5. Fetch and build the SDK:

    tools/bazel build @fuchsia_sdk//:fuchsia_toolchain_sdk

See the getting started guide for more info.

Building And Testing Driver

Run the full test-suite with:

tools/bazel test :tests

Run only the <change_me> driver tests with:

tools/bazel test <change_me>:<fuchsia_unittest_package_name>