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  1. d543f39 [modular][storymodel] Un-flake ledger_story_model_storage_unittest. by Gabriel Schine · 12 months ago master
  2. 5160e34 [fuchsia-pkg] remove deprecated_bare_package_url by Leo Lung · 12 months ago
  3. d6d1e69 [ledger] Add LegacySocketProvider to the sandbox. by Maria Glukhova · 12 months ago
  4. 7e97a40 [benchmarks] Bring number of page requests in add_new_page back to 500. by Maria Glukhova · 12 months ago
  5. be92818 [modular][page_client] Allow implementations of PageClient to overload Page.OnChange() directly. by Gabriel Schine · 12 months ago


Peridot is a framework for composed, intelligent and distributed user experiences.

Applications not explicitly designed to interoperate (and possibly implemented in different programming languages) are ephemerally downloaded and dynamically composed to run in a shared context. The framework manages application lifecycle, resources and view hierarchy; and well as context and suggestion infrastructure.

State of Peridot experiences is transparently synchronized across user devices using a distributed offline-first storage system.

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