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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package gitutil
type CheckoutOpt interface {
type CloneOpt interface {
type CommitOpt interface {
type DeleteBranchOpt interface {
type FetchOpt interface {
type MergeOpt interface {
type PushOpt interface {
type ResetOpt interface {
type RebaseOpt interface {
type SubmoduleUpdateOpt interface {
type FollowTagsOpt bool
func (FollowTagsOpt) pushOpt() {}
type ForceOpt bool
func (ForceOpt) checkoutOpt() {}
func (ForceOpt) deleteBranchOpt() {}
func (ForceOpt) pushOpt() {}
type DetachOpt bool
func (DetachOpt) checkoutOpt() {}
type MessageOpt string
func (MessageOpt) commitOpt() {}
type ModeOpt string
func (ModeOpt) resetOpt() {}
type ResetOnFailureOpt bool
func (ResetOnFailureOpt) mergeOpt() {}
type SquashOpt bool
func (SquashOpt) mergeOpt() {}
type StrategyOpt string
func (StrategyOpt) mergeOpt() {}
type FfOnlyOpt bool
func (FfOnlyOpt) mergeOpt() {}
type TagsOpt bool
func (TagsOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type FetchTagOpt string
func (FetchTagOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type AllOpt bool
func (AllOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type PruneOpt bool
func (PruneOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type DepthOpt int
func (DepthOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type UpdateShallowOpt bool
func (UpdateShallowOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type VerifyOpt bool
func (VerifyOpt) pushOpt() {}
type SharedOpt bool
func (SharedOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type ReferenceOpt string
func (ReferenceOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type NoCheckoutOpt bool
func (NoCheckoutOpt) cloneOpt() {}
func (DepthOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type BareOpt bool
func (BareOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type OmitBlobsOpt bool
func (OmitBlobsOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type RebaseMerges bool
func (RebaseMerges) rebaseOpt() {}
type UpdateHeadOkOpt bool
func (UpdateHeadOkOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type OffloadPackfilesOpt bool
func (OffloadPackfilesOpt) cloneOpt() {}
type RecurseSubmodulesOpt bool
func (RecurseSubmodulesOpt) cloneOpt() {}
func (RecurseSubmodulesOpt) fetchOpt() {}
type InitOpt bool
func (InitOpt) submoduleUpdateOpt() {}
type JobsOpt uint
func (JobsOpt) fetchOpt() {}