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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package cmdline
import (
// EnvFromOS returns a new environment based on the operating system.
func EnvFromOS() *Env {
return &Env{
Stdin: os.Stdin,
Stdout: os.Stdout,
Stderr: os.Stderr,
Vars: envvar.SliceToMap(os.Environ()),
Timer: timing.NewTimer("root"),
// Env represents the environment for command parsing and running. Typically
// EnvFromOS is used to produce a default environment. The environment may be
// explicitly set for finer control; e.g. in tests.
type Env struct {
Stdin io.Reader
Stdout io.Writer
Stderr io.Writer
Vars map[string]string // Environment variables
Timer *timing.Timer
// Usage is a function that prints usage information to w. Typically set by
// calls to Main or Parse to print usage of the leaf command.
Usage func(env *Env, w io.Writer)
// Comamnd name
CommandName string
// command flags
CommandFlags map[string]string
func (e *Env) clone() *Env {
return &Env{
Stdin: e.Stdin,
Stdout: e.Stdout,
Stderr: e.Stderr,
Vars: envvar.CopyMap(e.Vars),
Usage: e.Usage,
Timer: e.Timer, // use the same timer for all operations
// UsageErrorf prints the error message represented by the printf-style format
// and args, followed by the output of the Usage function. Returns ErrUsage to
// make it easy to use from within the Runner.Run function.
func (e *Env) UsageErrorf(format string, args ...interface{}) error {
return usageErrorf(e, e.Usage, format, args...)
// TimerPush calls e.Timer.Push(name), only if the Timer is non-nil.
func (e *Env) TimerPush(name string) {
if e.Timer != nil {
// TimerPop calls e.Timer.Pop(), only if the Timer is non-nil.
func (e *Env) TimerPop() {
if e.Timer != nil {
// LookPath returns the absolute path of the executable with the given name,
// based on the directories in PATH. Calls lookpath.Look.
func (e *Env) LookPath(name string) (string, error) {
e.TimerPush("lookpath " + name)
defer e.TimerPop()
return lookpath.Look(e.Vars, name)
// LookPathPrefix returns the absolute paths of all executables with the given
// name prefix, based on the directories in PATH. Calls lookpath.LookPrefix.
func (e *Env) LookPathPrefix(prefix string, names map[string]bool) ([]string, error) {
e.TimerPush("lookpathprefix " + prefix)
defer e.TimerPop()
return lookpath.LookPrefix(e.Vars, prefix, names)
func usageErrorf(env *Env, usage func(*Env, io.Writer), format string, args ...interface{}) error {
fmt.Fprint(env.Stderr, "ERROR: ")
fmt.Fprintf(env.Stderr, format, args...)
fmt.Fprint(env.Stderr, "\n\n")
if usage != nil {
usage(env, env.Stderr)
} else {
fmt.Fprint(env.Stderr, "usage error\n")
return ErrUsage
// defaultWidth is a reasonable default for the output width in runes.
const defaultWidth = 80
func (e *Env) width() int {
if width, err := strconv.Atoi(e.Vars["CMDLINE_WIDTH"]); err == nil && width != 0 {
return width
if _, width, err := textutil.TerminalSize(); err == nil && width != 0 {
return width
return defaultWidth
func (e *Env) style() style {
style := styleCompact
return style
func (e *Env) prefix() string {
return e.Vars["CMDLINE_PREFIX"]
func (e *Env) firstCall() bool {
return e.Vars["CMDLINE_FIRST_CALL"] == ""
// style describes the formatting style for usage descriptions.
type style int
const (
styleCompact style = iota // Default style, good for compact cmdline output.
styleFull // Similar to compact but shows all global flags.
styleGoDoc // Good for godoc processing.
styleShortOnly // Only output short description.
func (s *style) String() string {
switch *s {
case styleCompact:
return "compact"
case styleFull:
return "full"
case styleGoDoc:
return "godoc"
case styleShortOnly:
return "shortonly"
panic(fmt.Errorf("unhandled style %d", *s))
// Set implements the flag.Value interface method.
func (s *style) Set(value string) error {
switch value {
case "compact":
*s = styleCompact
case "full":
*s = styleFull
case "godoc":
*s = styleGoDoc
case "shortonly":
*s = styleShortOnly
return fmt.Errorf("unknown style %q", value)
return nil